Pedometers are an inexpensive way to measure how far you've hiked!

Do you want to know how far you’ve walked or hiked? Pedometers are a great, inexpensive way to figure that out! Plus it is a fun way to set goals.

If an outdoor GPS unit is out of your budget, and you want to spend $15 to $75 instead of $150-$400, check out pedometers.

They come in a wide range of styles, and they can count steps, calories, measure distance traveled, and tell the time.

Pedometers Shopping Tips

  • Basic Features. Can it count calories? Does it have a clock?
  • Attachment. Does it need to be clipped on your waist? Does it work if you toss it in your backpack?
  • Batteries. Does it use several batteries, or just one? If you’re going to be using it for long distances, think about buying an Energizer Lithium battery – they are a little more expensive but they last a lot longer than conventional batteries, and they are extremely lightweight!
  • Advanced Features. There are several higher end pedometers where the user can download data to their computer. Some pedometers even have build in heart rate monitors! Obviously these are pricier, but worth it if you want some nice bells and whistles!

Styles of Pedometers:

Shoe Pedometer Shoe Pedometer: Pedometers that have sensors that are worn inside shoes are much more accurate than traditional clip on pedometers. For more info on what to look for in shoe pedometers, check this out: Shoe Pedometer.

Pedometer Watch Pedometer Watch: Pedometers that are watch style are generally pricier than traditional pedometers, but they are convenient to wear and it is easy to glance down and track your progress. Many also have heart rate measurements built in, which is definitely a great feature! For more info on what to look for in watch pedometers, check this out: Pedometer Watch.

Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer: As mentioned above, many watch style pedometers also feature heart rate monitor functionality. There are other styles of heart rate pedometers, including some that can connect to an MP3 player. Pretty cool! For more info on heart rate monitor pedometers, check this out: Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer.

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  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Thanks for the comment, Donna! Yes, pedometers are relatively inexpensive little devices, especially when compared to a GPS.

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