A Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer

Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer

In Hiking 101: Pedometers, there is a broader discussion of the uses and benefits of pedometers. There are several styles of pedometers to suit various user needs: a shoe pedometer, pedometer watch, and the heart rate monitor pedometer discussed in this article. Many of the heart rate monitors are also watches, which is definitely great!

Features to Look for in a Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer

  • Watch or Band? Most are watch styled pedometers, but some are more of a band. There is no difference in performance, just personal style preference.
    • A heart rate monitor pedometer that is also a watch is convenient. Glance down at your wrist, and find out how many miles you’ve traveled and how many calories you’ve burned.

  • Cost. If you’re going to get a heart rate monitor watch, then you should definitely get one that also has pedometer functionality. Heart rate monitor watches are pricey ($70+), so if you’re looking to save a bit of money get a basic pedometer watch.
  • Features. All of the tips from Hiking 101: Pedometers apply!

What is the Best Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer?:

New Balance HRT Fit+ Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer New Balance HRT Fit+ Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer: This New Balance heart rate monitor pedometer is loaded with features and functionality. Unlike some heart rate monitors that require the user to wear a chest strap, all you need is this watch. Then the decent size face will tell you how far you’ve traveled, exercise time, calories burned, speed, and your average heart rate. Plus, it has a chronograph, countdown timer, and calories burned mode that incorporates age, gender, relative heart rate, and total exercise time. Talk about accuracy. And of course it is a watch and alarm too!

Perception Digital Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Perception Digital Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer: Are you looking for bells and whistles? Then this is it! The Perception Digital Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer is worn like a wrist band, and there is a thumb sensor to measure your heart rate. In addition to the standard features you’d expect, this pedometer has 95MB of storage space for MP3s. Data can be uploaded to your computer, and even shared with facebook friends. A few too many features for my taste, but a great option for gadget lovers!

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