How to Use a SteriPEN Pre-Filter in the Wilderness

How to Use a SteriPEN Pre-Filter

When you’re hiking in the wilderness, it is always a smart idea to filter or treat water from streams and lakes. Even at high elevations, there is the threat of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses that can make you sick!

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I am a long-time user of the SteriPEN UV-light based treatment, due to its reliability, size, and weight. Plus, unlike pump based filters, it also kills viruses, in addition to bacteria and protozoa. A Hiking Lady reader asked about the SteriPEN pre-filter, and to demonstrate how it works I filmed this short video:


  1. Mike says:

    I can’t find any videos or instructions as to why the SteriPEN Pre-Filter has the reversible bayoneted filter. Why would anyone want or need to reverse it?

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Great comments. If a stream is quite shallow, I usually have better luck filling up by tilting the bottle into the flow of the water. The pre-filter is easily cleaned, so I don’t worry about it getting too gunked up because I just rinse it off when I’m done. I’ve never had an issue of it getting clogged. If a stream is really shallow, I just fill up my Nalgene as much as I can and still do a full SteriPEN treatment on it. I usually take a collapsible water bottle like a Platypus with me…so I will take that clean water, put it into the Platypus, then fill up the Nalgene again (to the extent possible) with stream water. If you have a collapsible bucket you can also use that to help fill up the Nalgene with water you want to treat with the SteriPEN. Happy trails!

  3. scsurvive says:

    You should turn the bottle 180 so that the entrance is opposite the flow of the water. This will reduce the debris and sediment that enters the bottle/filter and help to maintain the filters life.
    Also with a stream that shallow, how do you fill the bottle up? Do you simple put in as much water as you can?

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