What Every Adventureous Child Needs!

Play the Forest School Way BookcoverDo you have an adventurous child? Does he or she enjoy taking hikes with you, exploring the outdoors, and having fun? Then the new book by Peter Houghton and Jane Worroll, Play the Forest School Way: Woodland Games and Crafts for Adventurous Kids, is one you’ll want in your home library.

Play the Forest School Way is written for parents, with easy to follow activity guides. Each activity has a summary, pointing out the critical details such as the age guidelines, learning goals, and necessary “supplies” for the specific activity. Ideas are catered to children age 3 to 11, and some are for small groups of children, and others for a larger group.

Want to teach your children to build a Tarp Shelter? Setting up a regular tent is just too easy, and doesn’t spur creative thinking like building your own shelter! This is one example of one of the ideas in the book. As shown in the pictures below, the summary has an overview of the project, and a few paragraphs later there is a beautiful drawing showing a sample tarp shelter. While you better brush up on your knot skills (don’t worry, there are details in the book!), the easy to follow steps make the tarp shelter project fairly straightforward. Older children will be able to follow the book themselves, with more limited parental involvement.

In conclusion, Play the Forest School Way is a wonderful guide for outdoorsy people who want to help their children fall in love with the outdoors. As I read the book I enjoyed seeing nature from a completely different perspective! At Hiking Lady and Hiking Baby, our focus is to help everyone enjoy exploring the outdoors, and Play the Forest School Way has some unique and fun ideas to ramp up your outdoor adventure time with your children!

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  1. Bobbie C. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this book with us!

    The book should be very informative for us that have not taken classes or learned how…many skills that hikers should acquire .
    I just love your new website for kids or actually parents with kids; very informative and keep up the good work.

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