Polar Dream

Helen Thayer
Helen Thayer

A the Outdoor Retailer trade show in 2010, I had the unique opportunity and privilege to sit down and talk with Helen Thayer, the highly-regarded modern day adventurer. (See article about that meeting: A Remarkable Woman, Helen Thayer).

Among her many life accomplishments, the one that made her famous was her solo unsupported ski trek to the magnetic North Pole in 1988. Not only was she the first woman to accomplish this, she did it at age 50! Helen recounted her adventure and journey details in her must read book, Polar Dream.

Polar Dream details her journey, with a day by day account of the obstacles she encountered, the close bond she developed with her live-saving Inuit dog Charlie, and the mental and physical challenges she faced and overcame. As I stayed up late at night finishing Polar Dream, I felt inspired by Helen’s persistence, ability to overcome fear, and mental strength to deal with the inhospitable conditions of the Arctic.
Polar Dream
Despite her petite 5’3″ frame, she and her dog Charlie battled polar bears face to face. While lugging her 160 pound sled behind her, she crossed unsteady sea ice, blazed through white out conditions, and overcame hunger and thirst struggles for the last few days of her trip.

Helen’s resolve is motivating – nothing prevented her from completing her journey and her dream to explore and learn about a largely unknown part of our planet. Her observations aided in scientific studies, and continues to enable her to share her stories with school children though her Adventure Classroom program.

Polar Dream
is easy to read, and even though she may not be the next Ernest Hemingway, Helen’s style is engaging and her story motivating!

Hiking Lady’s Recommendation: 5 of 5 stars

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  1. alpslvr says:

    Battling polar bears with her dog, hunger and thrist, lugging the 160 pound sled – plus the elements! This is a must read, thank you for the review; looks like this one can be an ideal gift to a hiker, adventurer!

    Thanks again!

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Thanks for the comments, Kim and Lovey. I am now reading Helen Thayer’s book Walking the Gobi… after reading Polar Dream I’m hooked on her adventures!

  3. Thanks for the great review! I have several books of women who solo hike and am always interested in reading about women who journey solo. I plan to get this one asap!

  4. I read this book when it first came out and its by far one of my favorite books ever! She is an inspiring woman and the book was such a great read. I may have to pick up a copy and re-read it now. I strongly urge any one, but women in particular, to read this one.

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