Boob B-Warmer Maternity Hoodie Review

A Practical, Functional, and Cozy Maternity & Nursing Hoodie for Mommy:

Boob B-Warmer Maternity Hoodie Review!Boob Design logo

What should Mommies wear when they are taking a walk with their baby, or attempting an off-pavement stroll? I had the chance to test out the Boob B-Warmer Maternity Hoodie and think it is a cozy and comfortable pregnancy and nursing top! The B-Warmer is designed just for pregnant and nursing women, made with convenience and comfort in mind.

Boob B-Warmer Maternity Hoodie Review
Boob B-Warmer Maternity Hoodie

Notable Unique Features of the Boob B-Warmer Maternity Hoodie

  • Designed with Mom in mind.  All of Boob’s Nursing tops have a clever double layer system. Over the bust, this double layer fabric design allows the mother to expose less and nurse comfortably. Here’s an image from Boob’s website explaining how it works:
    Boob B's Nursing Tops
  • Boobies stay warm!  The front overlap over the bosom is lined with a thin layer of fleece, whereas the rest of the hoodie is made of a cool knitted organic cotton. I guess they have some smart women designers over at Boob Design because they certaintly understand the need for warmth in certain places, but not others ;).
  • Great for pregnant women.  Regardless of whether or not you plan to nurse, I found that the Boob B-Warmer Hoodie is comfortable for a pregnant woman, particularly one out on a hike. As Hiking Lady readers know, I generally try to avoid cotton when hiking, however, when pregnant, it is extremely important for mom-to-be to stay cool, and cotton is still the most breathable fabric out there. Pregnant women, especially those in the latter stages, really shouldn’t be doing such tough hikes or workouts in remote areas to not be able to take a shower and change apparel soon after the workout. The rule of thumb for pregnant women working out is that you’re still able to carry on a conversation to make sure you’re getting enough oxygen for yourself and your growing baby; most likely you won’t be sweating profusely!  Therefore it is okay in my view to wear non-wicking materials like cotton.


  • Sizing:  Order your pre-pregnancy size! I was cautious and ordered a size up, and mine was a bit too big for me. Take Boob’s word for it and do what the company says. 🙂
  • Where to Buy?  Boob Design’s website or
  • Pricing?  $85+ depending on color
  • Materials:  The front overlap is lined with a soft fleece; the rest of the hoodie is made of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane.
  • Mom friendly?  YES! It is machine washable 🙂
  • Where is it made?  Portugal. Can you believe it…not China! Yay!

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