A Smart Diaper Bag

Mogix smart diaper bagIf you have a baby or toddler in diapers, then you’re probably like our family and have a diaper bag with you at all times. Our diaper bag goes with us on trips to the store, playdates at the park, and on hikes we strap it to our trail stroller. Recently a company called Mogix introduced a “smart” diaper bag. The Mogix Smart Baby Bag has a built-in removable USB power bank, so when your phone, tablet, camera, rechargeable breast pump, walkie talkies, or any other gadgets lose their battery power, you can easily use the diaper bag to charge it right back up.

What’s Included in the Mogix Smart Diaper Bag

The Mogix Smart Baby Diaper Bag has numerous features, so many that I decided to list them out for you:

  • The diaper bag itself
  • The USB charging port
  • A changing pad
  • A Wet/Dry bag (a must have for wet wash cloths, dirty bibs, swimsuits, soiled clothing, etc.
  • A convenient snack tower
  • A travel shoulder strap (seen in the first picture below next to the snack tower)
Mogix Smart Diaper Bag
Top view of the Mogix Smart Diaper Bag
A Convenient USB port
Handy pouches inside the bag
Mogix smart diaper bag
The Mogix Smart Diaper Bag

The Hiking Baby’s Take on This Smart Diaper Bag?

With an infant and a toddler, our family is intimately familiar with diaper bags and everything that must be in them to make a journey out of the house pleasant.

  • Well made. This smart diaper bag is well made, which is a wonderful surprise given the reasonable price (retails for $59.95 at Amazon.com – see special discount info below).
  • USB Charger is very convenient and handy! I found the USB port easy to use, and very helpful since my iPhone battery life seems to get shorter by the day.
  • Changing pad is suitable. The changing pad matches the bag, and while it could be slightly more cushioned, it is fine for on the go diaper changes.
  • Waterproof storage bag is a big plus! I feel so guilty going through boxes of ziploc bags, which always are just a bit too small for the soiled baby clothes, toddler swim suits, and wet wash cloths that need to be transported back home. The Mogix Smart Baby Diaper Bag‘s removable and reusable storage bag makes me feel much better about my environmental impact and is a bit more spacious than a gallon sized ziploc bag.
  • Unisex Styling? The company says that it is gender neutral, and I agree that the gray and black make it more gender neutral than most bags so daddy will be happy to put it over his shoulder, but the sleek design and gold zippers give it a feminine look in my opinion. I love how it looks, and it is VERY stylish. I just can’t go as far to say that it would pass for a man purse. 😉
  • Convenient snack container. As you can see in the picture, the included snack container is a fun and handy way to store snacks for yourself and your little ones. I love being organized and this snack tower really is a brilliant idea! I wish I had thought of it.
  • Rechargeable Mogix power supply. The power bank is safe inside a zippered water resistant pouch within the diaper bag (all parents understand why “water resistance” is so important). It can charge multiple devices fully because it has 10400mAh (What does this mean? My Internet research and own use of the product confirmed that an iPhone 6 could be recharged about 5 times on one charge of the Mogix power supply. You divide the mAh of your device battery by the mAh of the power supply, so in the case of an iPhone 6 10400/1800 = 5.7 times.

Wrapping up, the Mogix Smart Baby Diaper Bag gets two thumbs up from the Hiking Baby family! It is an excellent choice for families on the go. Now I never have to worry about my camera and phone running out of power while out on the trail, at appointments, or out and about with my little ones.

Special Deal for Hiking Baby Readers

Mogix is offering Hiking Baby readers at special discount of 25% off their Smart Baby Bag through March 28, 2019. Use coupon code HIKINGBB at checkout on Amazon.com.

Have you used a smart diaper bag before? What devices do you carry that you think you’d charge on the go with your little one? I’d love to hear your comments below.

Happy trails!

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