7 AM Enfant Easy Cover Fleece Review

Keep Your Baby Warm and Safe in their Stoller or Car Seat this Winter: 7 AM Enfant Easy Cover Fleece Review!

7 AM Easy Cover Fleece Review
Did you know that it is very important to dress your baby in thin layers when they’re in a car seat or strapped into a stroller while you’re taking a walk?

This is where the 7 AM Enfant Easy Cover Fleece comes in…it is a cozy layer for your little one that is worn OVER the straps and belts of a car seat or stroller.

If you dress your baby in a fluffy snowsuit for example, then strap him or her into their car seat or stroller, the straps are not secure. In fact, the extra bulk from the fluffy snowsuit/winter coat/bunting/etc. will compress in a car accident or even in a stroller mishap.

How Does the 7 AM Easy Cover Fleece Work?

The soft microfleece “blanket” is worn by your baby.  It is a wearable blanket, with an exposed back, that provides cozy warmth from head to toe and freedom for their little hands.

Snap system of 7 AM Easy Cover Fleece
Snap system of 7 AM Easy Cover Fleece

Notable Unique Features of the 7 AM Enfant Easy Cover Fleece:

7 AM Enfant makes great quality products. As with most baby items, the prices can be a bit steep, but you get good quality and superb design.

    • Safety #1.  The Easy Cover Fleece is all about coziness and safety, and it does a great job of doing both. The exposed back makes this a car seat and stroller friendly blanket.
    • Flexible sizing due to smart design.  This blanket grows with your baby! The collar and sleeve cuffs roll up easily for when your child is young, and as he or she grows, simply roll down the sleeves. Additionally, a feature I love are the snap buttons. This enables you to size it with simple snaps, depending on the length of your child’s legs. As they grow, simply move down to the next set of snaps.
Snap system extensions
Snap system extensions
    • Sleeves and pocket!  Your child will appreciate having the ability to move his or her hands and arms through the little sleeves, unlike a conventional blanket. He or she will be able to grab their toys, have a snack, and all the while stay cozy.  Plus, there is a convenient “kanga” pocket . I find that babies don’t like to have their hands stuffed into a pocket, but this is a great feature for a toddler or an older child.
7 AM Easy Cover Fleece kanga pocket
7 AM Easy Cover Fleece kanga pocket
  • Machine Washable.  I wouldn’t want anything that wasn’t when it comes to baby gear!
  • Hidden pacifier strap.  This little strap is inside the fleece, so it will keep your baby’s pacifier off the ground if it is dropped. If you aren’t using it though, I think it should be removed so your little one doesn’t accidentally get his or her hand caught.

Specs of the 7 AM Easy Cover Fleece:

  • Sizing:  The Easy Cover Fleece comes in two sizes: Small and Large. I’ve tested out the small, and it is designed for children 12 months up to 3 years old. The large is designed for 3-6 year olds. The design makes the fleece highly adjustable, as noted above.
  • Where to Buy?  7 AM Enfant
  • Pricing?  $59
  • Materials:  Microfleece. This also comes in a quilted version in Black and Pink.

    7 AM Easy Cover Fleece, quilted
    7 AM Easy Cover Fleece, quilted
  • Colors: Brown, Black, Red.

7 AM Enfant has generously offered one Hiking Baby reader an Easy Cover Fleece for the December giveaway! Enter to win one for your baby or toddler 🙂

Happy trails!

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