Win a High Peak USA Everest 50+10 Backpack!

High Peak Everest pack
From March 7, 2011 thru Monday March 14, 2011, visit the High Peak USA facebook page and leave a wall comment saying “Hiking Lady sent me and I want to win the Everest 50+10 Backpack” and you’ll have a chance to win a top notch, highly versatile Everest 50+10 backpack. Good luck Hiking Lady readers!

Learn more about how this backpack can be adjusted to fit all sizes… no need to wear an ill fitting pack anymore! Hiking Lady Gear Review: High Peak Everest 50+10 Backpack.

Happy trails!

Update: 3/15/2011: Congratulations to the winner of the High Peak Everest 50+10 backpack: Sarah Beth Gillespie! Thank you to everyone that entered! Check back for more great gear giveaways! 🙂


  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Bubbly,
    It still think you would be better of with a woman’s pack than a man’s backpack…women’s packs generally have sternum straps that are even more adjustable (so there is room for breasts), as well as more curved straps (a breast issue again), and hip belts that sit a little differently (since women’s hips are very different than men’s!)
    The key really is the length of your spin. I’d recommend trying a few on in the store after getting your spine measured. This Everest 50+10 is a great women’s backpack, and I think it would likely be good for you. But the best thing if you are unsure is to try them on with weight inside and see if the pack weight is properly distributed along your hips. Big shoulders shouldn’t make a huge difference…except that you’ll have more strength to carry heavier loads!
    Hope that helps!

  2. Bubbly Kris says:

    This looks like a great pack, I am built a little more like a guy with broad shoulders, I have been looking at packs… not sure if I should pack a woman’s backpack or a mans?

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks for the review. I need a backpack for a trip I’m planning this summer and I’ve struggled to find one to fit me. I’ll try to win one instead!

  4. Bobbi C. says:

    Your review of the backpack was right on; I sure would like to win the contest and the Everest backpack; Thanks for having the wonderful website and great prizes!

  5. Zenny Neumann says:

    Looks like a snazzy backpack that would fit my needs for long distance trips! Hiking Lady sent me and I want to win the Everest 50+10 Backpack”

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