Wedding Bells in Your Future? There’s Only One Place to Register!

REI Co-op LogoIf a wedding is in your future, then you’ll probably start getting asked the question…where are you registered? Even if you say no gifts please, it is inevitable…your friends and family will want to share in your love and you’ll be receiving gifts. If you’re a Hiking Lady like me, then you’ll want to register at one place, REI Co-Op!

Why not start your married life geared up with some new outdoor supplies so you’ll be ready to hit the trails, find a campsite, and start a lifetime of adventures together. My honeymoon had lots of amazing hikes. Forget the fancy porcelain and crystal; ask for hiking gear!
My Registry REI homepage

REI’s New Wedding Registry

REI Co-op just launched a brand new registry experience at, making it very easy to manage your registry.ย  In fact, once you’re registered for your big day, you can easily manage it from home.ย  Plus, if you shop at an REI store, you can scan items from your smartphone to add even more awesome wish list gear to your registry list!

How to Create an REI Co-Op Wedding Registry

To create an REI Co-Op registry, follow-up these simple steps.

  • Head over to the special REI page at
  • Then click Create a Registry.
  • Then start adding gifts!ย  You’ll automatically be redirected to the REI site, where you browse like usual, and you’ll see a little button below “Add to Cart” called “Add to Registry”. Pretty simple!
REI Co-Op Wedding Registry
Click Add to Registry

Features of the REI Registry

I’ve noticed a few awesome features about the REI registry.

  • You can add products from other retailers since it is on the MyRegistry platform. This is so convenient!
  • You get all the benefits of using MyRegistry: you can easily send out announcements of your registry, share it on social media, display it on your wedding website, make printable announcements, and more!
  • You can get alerts letting you know if certain items are out of stock. Let me tell you… this is really cool! When I got married back in the day, when an item on my registry was out of stock, I had no idea. And then my friends and family ended up buying things off the list! Several of which were duplicates, or my husband and I already had. Let’s face it: if you’re getting married, people want to buy you stuff, no matter what you say about “No Gifts Please”. So avoid the hassle of returning/donating/re-gifting duplicate, unwanted, and unneeded items. Make a registry and update it often before the event!
  • This is a big benefit…drumroll please…You get 10% OFF ALL UNPURCHASED ITEMS up to a year out from your event. A lot of retailers offer this (often known as the “completion discount”), but wohoooooo!! REI has it now too!!!
  • There are perks! Currently REI is offering new registrants 15% off one full priced item (some exclusions). Not bad…:)

The Hiking Lady Dream REI Co-Op Wedding Registry

I have put together my dream REI Co-op Wedding registry items. What you do you think?

Click through to see my sample REI Wedding Registry :)
Click through to see my sample REI Wedding Registry ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy trails! And congratulations to all newlyweds! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  When the time comes, remember that REI Co-Op also has baby registries… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Disclosure: Hiking Lady occasionally receives products or services from companies for free or at-cost for review purposes, and in some cases may receive a small percentage of sales if a product is purchased. As always, companies whose products are being reviewed are NOT allowed to exercise creative or editorial control over content.


  1. Donna says:

    This is a fabulous idea. I wouldn’t have thought of it. I’ll be sure to mention this to my friends!

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