Win a Serac Hammock!

Hiking Lady Giveaway: Serac Hammock Need to place hang out? Then you’ll want to try to be the winner of the September Hiking Lady Gear Giveaway! This month I’m giving away an awesome Serac hammock, so get ready to chill out in your backyard, on the trail, or at the campground. Be the envy of all of your friends who sleep in a sleeping bag when they are camping or backpacking!

Enter the September 2017 Hiking Lady Gear Giveaway by writing a comment below for your chance to win. The winner will be selected at random and announced on September 30, 2017!

The Details of the Serac Hammock Giveaway:

  • Serac Classic Portable Single Camping Hammock
  • Serac Tree Hugger straps so you can hang your hammock! These are 80 inches long each with 10 anchor points

This is the special edition that was included in the Cairn Subscription box that I sampled a couple of months ago, and I know one of my loyal readers would love it!

Good luck and happy trails!

Update: Winner Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered this Hiking Lady Gear Giveaway and congratulations to Julie Giovannoni who won this month’s giveaway!! Enjoy Julie! Please be sure to enter the October 2017 Hiking Lady Gear Giveaway!


  1. Marie Byrne says:

    This would be great for me to use in the evenings of my geology fieldwork when I just want to put my feet up and relax

  2. Teresa I says:

    Searching for more ways to feel at peace these days. Nature alwayd helps. This addition would be so great! Thnx for the chance:)

  3. Tom says:

    Early September, Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, Michigan, with wife and our 3 teen girls. And only 2 hammocks. We need another hammock to promote family harmony which will eventually lead to world peace.

  4. Megan Mehic says:

    I’m just getting into backpacking and this would be a great addition to my gear! I’d love the opportunity to win this and get to try it out!

  5. Katie says:

    Sign me up! I’ve never had a hammock before. But it would be lovely to sit in and watch this fall weather roll through.

  6. W. says:

    As a “mature” and newbie camper, I want to see how comfy this is for sleeping overnight! Thanks for the offer.

  7. Mary Ann Macklin says:

    Novice backpacker who just finished a month in the mountains of Vermont. Would love to try a hammock. We had one when I was young (50 years ago) and I loved sleeping in it.

  8. Keisha butler says:

    Have been camping for years and always wanted to try a hammock but just didn’t want to spend the extra money. I’m sure it would be a peaceful way to relax next to a stream or river.

  9. Deborah Perry says:

    I am fairly new to hiking, and just beginning to collect gear. A hammock would be an amazing addition!!

  10. Roxanne Perez Flores says:

    Always loved going over to my aunts house as a child and lay on one of these, would love to have one for myself.

  11. Paula Sink says:

    Have drooled over hammocks for months now as an alternative to ground sleeping. Would love to win this!

  12. Elizabeth S says:

    I’m a newer hiker and have been hiking various parts of the North Country Trail in North Dakota and Minnesota. I would love to use this on my weekend adventures!!

  13. Betty Barnett says:

    Always wondered how it would feel to sleep suspended in air under the stars… Hope to find out soon!

  14. Maryfran Clingan says:

    I’ve heard that a hammock is truly the way to go!!! I have never had the chance/opportunity to try/buy though!!!! Would I have to share though if I won and let my boyfriend try it out too????

  15. Sirens10 says:

    How generous of you to offer this up. I’m sure whomever wins it will be grateful (and will sleep well in it)!

  16. Virginia says:

    Met my first hammock at Camp Fern in Marshall, Texas–an Army jungle hammock! It wasn’t so easy to tie between trees for a 7-year-old. Consequently, our butts often scrapped the ground! But no matter, we were told the meeting would not only keep out the skeeters, but also the water moccasins and other creepy crawlers.

    Didn’t help when pranksters put spiders and snakes in your hammock!

    What a perfect giveaway! Thank you!

  17. Joy says:

    I’m a tour guide and most of my other co-guides all sleep in hammocks since we run camping trips. I’m always super jealous and would love to win this hammock! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  18. Pamela Dvorsky says:

    Hammocks are so much better than sleeping on the hard, rocky ground! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  19. Laura says:

    Hammock camping is my go to. So easy and light to pack. I’m in need of a new one 🙂 this one looks nice! Have tried eno and grand trunk.

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  20. Vicky Carlson says:

    This will be perfect for my grandson and our family hammock camping. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  21. Brooke Brickey says:

    I just took up hiking about 3 years ago and fell in love with it. I have been slowing building my gear and this would be an awesome addition! I have been wanting a hammock!

  22. Kris says:

    How fun! In our family of 4 we have 3 hammocks–I’m the only one without! This would be a fun addition to our camping and hiking gear. Thanks for the chance!

  23. Nikki O'Callaghan says:

    What a great giveaway. I would love to try hammock camping and this would be the perfect way to start.

  24. Milica says:

    I can imagine myself in that hammock anywhere, not only when hiking 🙂 would be so great to win. I hope you ship internationally

  25. Wendula says:

    Hallo, Hiking Ladies. Greetings from Czech republic from Europe. We love hiking here, like you there 🙂 I wish you many happy trips. w.

  26. Vicki says:

    I am going on my first backpacking trip this weekend and am so excited and a little nervous too. It would be so awesome to take along a hammock to relax in after a day of hiking. Thank you for the opportunity.

  27. Deirdrea Garcia says:

    Being able to sleep off the ground and hanging between trees sounds very relaxing, I’m in.

  28. Christine says:

    Hi there hiking lady. Love your tweets and share your love of the hiking trail. I would love this hammock for future backcountry trips. My new favourite hike this summer was in Yoho National Park, Alberta, Canada. Check the area out. We stayed at Stanley Mitchell hut and hiked: the Iceline, Whaleback and twin falls trail. Lake Ohara is my next trip in September also in Yoho Park.

  29. Susan says:

    My daughter and I only have one hammock and tussle over it constantly! We would love one more. Thanks!

  30. Linda C says:

    H Hiking Lady, what a great giveaway, it looks like luxury in the backyard or the forest. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Hal Summers says:

    I really could’ve used this the other day. Took a nap on a log by a meadow and woke up a bit stiff. A hammock would’ve been just the ticket.

  32. Julie Giovannoni says:

    Hi Hiking Lady! I’m starting a “PCT” group and hoping to be ready to hike it in August of 2018. It’s been on my bucket list for a while and, after focusing on raising my children for 35 years-my 3 range from 18ryrs to 35 years, I’m ready to start training! This would be a great item to bring. I’m hoping to do it before 60! Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. Tammie McCammon says:

    I would love this!!! I am new to hiking and backpacking and gear is so spendyI I would love to add this to my small and slowly growing stash!!!

  34. Sarah Maxe says:

    I love hammocks but haven’t taken the plunge to get my own yet. It would be so awesome to have one to relax in after a nice long hike!

  35. Lisa Petersen says:

    Nothing like a free hammock to convince my husband I need just one more backpacking trip this year!

  36. Erin says:

    Hola hiking lady, I am really glad that you are out there doing what you do. You absolutely someday need to come to Oklahoma and hike the beautiful Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge with us. We are a group of hiking ladies. The landscape and geological features are like no other. Hope that you are having a rocking day. I can always use a light weight hammock to carry with for a nice forest bathing chill moment. It is on the need to try out list, back packing with a hammock for sleep instead if the Agnes. Erin

  37. Dodger Fan says:

    A terrific giveaway!
    Nothing better after a day of hiking than enjoying relaxing in your own hammock.

    Thanks again for wonderful and informative website!!

  38. Rebecca A says:

    My husband keeps trying to convince me that we should hammock camp when we back pack but for some reason I like the safety of my tent. So for now he naps in his hammock, I don’t have my own yet. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

  39. Natalee says:

    ? This would be a great way to go ultra light~! ? Thanks so much for the offer~ Cheers to a great fall~!

  40. Kim H in GA says:

    No waffle legs! You know, those rope marks left from other hammocks…ha. This looks like a sweet hammock. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. tamibates says:

    living in TN , going visiting, u could carry that to everyone house, plus i have a outdoor patio,. down next to my creek. love to be just a swanging while grankids play and dogs play in creek

  42. Stephanie R says:

    I have an old-fashioned rope hammock that is ripping out and would love a replacement for it. Nothing better than swinging outside under the trees and sleeping under the stars with a hammock. How peaceful and calming!

  43. Jill H says:

    OMGosh, I would love to win this hammock for my upcoming backpacking trip on the Ice Age Trail in Sept.! Looks pretty awesome!!

  44. Michael says:

    Thanks Hiking Lady! I have been looking at these hammocks for hiking and backyard. Here’s to hoping I win ??.

  45. Cathy Rehr says:

    Thanks for all you do Hiking Lady! A hammock is a super awesome piece of gear that I’ve been drooling over for months!

  46. Shirley Danford says:

    Hammock camping sounds like a great way to save weight. I have been apprehensive to try it out. Winning would allow me to discover if this is for me. Thank you b

  47. Cat says:

    I’m still a tent camper, but have been considering hanging out in the trees. This might push me to make that move!

  48. Selena Gonzalez says:

    I would love to take a hammock with us our annual family camping trip!! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  49. Samantha Kocyba-Tuff says:

    Thank you for the chance. I have been eyeing the hammocks and the hanging tents to try out with my girls. Making our plans for fall hiking now! 🙂

  50. Brenda Walsh says:

    I’d love this hammock! I think it’d be great to have in our local parks, lounging in the shade on a weekend day reading after a long bike/hike! Thanks for the opportunity!

  51. Stephanie says:

    My husband and I are excited to try hammocks. I would love to win this & surprise him with it!!

  52. Barb says:

    I love the idea of hammock camping, but have been afraid to try. Would love to win this and give it a spin!

  53. Terry Chester says:

    Hammocks are a great addition to any camping setup, everyone should have one in there backpack.

    Thanks for the chance,

  54. Natalie says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these! We just bought a house with a little patch of woods out back and would LOVE to stretch out the hammock and relax!

  55. Molly says:

    This would definitely lighten the load on the Foothills Trail next spring! Thanks for the chance! Happy hiking, ladies!

  56. Salita Hogan says:

    Beginning family traditions with the kids! This would be great to help build lastin memories on the trails!

  57. Cecily says:

    I always get sleepy after the trails and resting in the wild would be ideal. I’d love to win this!

  58. Mellany Courtney says:

    This is absolutely awesome…..I can think of plenty times. Could use it. My daughter (25) has one…so now we would have our own and maybe not top over as much…. Thank you for the opportunity!

  59. Hai Huynh says:

    Awesome giveaway! It would be so cool to add a hammock to our camping gear. Thanks for the chance!

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