Win An Outdoor Products Hydration Backpack Loaded with Rite in the Rain Goodies!

The July Hiking Lady Giveaway!!
The July Hiking Lady Giveaway: Rite in the Rain notebooks, pen, pencil, and Outdoor Products backpack with hydration bladder!

Want to get some sweet new gear for your summer adventures? Then you’ll want to enter the Hiking Lady July giveaway! Thanks to a generous contribution from Rite in the Rain and Outdoor Products, you have the chance to win the following gift pack:

  • Three new Elements Series top-spiral notebooks from Rite in the Rain. Used by firefighters, military personnel, contractors, and outdoor adventurers since 1916.
  • Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pen. It writes in any weather, upside down, and in extreme temperatures -30 to +250 degree Fahrenheit!
  • Rite in the Rain Tough Mechanical Pencil. It has thick lead and a patented tip that makes it highly durable and the lead won’t fall out.
  • A 24 page Rite in the Rain All Weather Universal sample notebook.
  • Outdoor Products Ripcord Hydration Backpack. 4 zippered pockets, a hydration bladder, and and insulated drinking tube!

Check out more pictures of the Hiking Lady July prize package:

Weatherproof Rite in the Rain Notebooks and Pen, Pencil
Outdoor Products Ripcord Hydration Backpack
The July Hiking Lady Giveaway!!
The July Hiking Lady Giveaway!

How to Sign Up?

Enter the July 2017 Hiking Lady Gear Giveaway by writing a comment below for your chance to win. The winner will be selected at random and announced on July 31, 2017!

Want to learn more about Rite in the Rain and Outdoor Products? Then check out the Rite in the Rain Facebook page and the Outdoor Products Facebook Page!

Thank you to Rite in the Rain and Outdoor Products for sponsoring this giveaway!

Happy trails!

Update: Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Jessica Cruz who was randomly selected as this month’s winner!  Thank you to everyone who entered, and please check back for future Hiking Lady Giveaways!


  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Congratulations to Jessica Cruz who was randomly selected as this month’s winner! Thank you to everyone who entered and be sure to check back for future Hiking Lady Giveaways! Happy trails 🙂

  2. Fleur Soleil says:

    I joined a hiking group and went on my first hike yesterday. It was exhilarating and today I found your blog which is just what I I need as a newbie.

  3. Adriene Green says:

    I saw one of these notebooks on display at a shop in Lake Placid New York after hiking Mount Marcy. Not sure why I didn’t purchase one because it worked really well-would be wonderful for journaling on the trail. All the products look like a great give-away!

  4. Mellany Courtney says:

    This would be amazing. I am recovering from septic shock and starting to hike again…after three years. It’s been a long road! The trails are healing!! The best medicine available!!

  5. Linda says:

    Looks like a great bundle, would love to win this for my day hikes on the AT this fall. Thank you.

  6. Samantha Santora says:

    Brand new to hiking and LOVING it! Hitting the Appalachian Trail on 8/13! I have been working hard and have been told I’m ready! Would love to have this for my future hikes!!

  7. Lindsey Freytag says:

    What a great resource! love when fellow ladies get out there and get it done, thanks for the great inspiration!

  8. Diana Smith says:

    Would love a hydration pack! I’ve been researching and trying to decide on one! Thanks for this opportunity!:)

  9. Milsa L Adams says:

    I just happened upon your site after viewing your how to videos on preventing blisters while hiking. Excited to see what your site has to offer 🙂

  10. Katie Dix says:

    I’m so excited about this prize bundle! I love to make notes when I am packing- especially about the flora and fauna I spot!

  11. Caption Pistachio says:

    I’ve used Rite in the Rain notebook and pencil. This quality product is always in my backpack and I enjoy gifting it to other hikers. Thank you for this promotion!

  12. Leslie Winter says:

    Going hiking in September to Tahoe – first time there. I’m always looking for the newest and best gear. Thanks!

  13. Chris W says:

    Hiking is the only form of exercise I really enjoy, so I’ve decided to make it a regular activity. I need new boots and want to add a backpack, poles, etc. Searching for recommendations, I came across and this giveaway! Win or lose, there is some cool new hiking gear in my near future!

  14. Teresa Stump says:

    Great giveaway! I’m just a stone’s throw from Glacier National Park and the Swan Range – so many wonderful places to hike. Rite in the Rain is such a useful tool for documenting hikes. I love Hiking Lady!

  15. linda irish-simpson says:

    This would be great when I’m hiking Mt. Washington and other mountains in the Whites.

  16. ELiane O Bacoyanis says:

    Wish you fair weather on all your hikes.
    Read aboaut your prep for the AT. Cool.
    Lovely giveaway.

  17. Kim says:

    My hubby and I are really enjoying hiking together this summer! Would love this to hold out gear!

  18. Renee Rousseau says:

    Awesome products Rite in the Rain and Outdoor Products!! My sister and I love hiking to waterfalls on our sister trips! This would be the perfect take along!

  19. Eliza Brown says:

    Hiking in the rain …. doesn’t get any better than this … except having waterproof notebooks and pens to jot down reflections from the trail!

  20. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Oh we love to go hiking and we love that we are getting to take our granddaughter with us and get her into the love of it. Thank you for the chance this would be amazing to win!

  21. Catherine Hamm says:

    This pack, and especially the Rite in the Rain products, would be perfect for hikes in often-rainy Oregon!

  22. Ana says:

    I love to day hike and have been doing since I retired one and a half years ago. Would love to have these with me. I am a painter as well and would come in handy. Thanks for great giveaways!! Ana

  23. Michele Hill says:

    My hiking group has a standing 8 AM meet up on Saturdays. Winter months we get together at 9 AM. Everyone should have a good group of pals for exploring.

  24. Christi says:

    I’m getting back into hiking and need all the help I can get! ? Love the backpack magazine!

  25. Deirdrea Garcia says:

    I have done long distance hiking on the Appalachian Trail and Smokey Mountain Park Trails. I have been wanting to do day hiking but don’t have a smaller pack with hydration. This pack could be the beginning of enjoying more of this beautiful country.

  26. I absolutely love Rite in the Rain products, and have purchased the notebooks and pens in the past to record my days on the trail. The product is awesome for those of us who just have to keep a record of everything we see and do 🙂
    Thanks for the great offer!

  27. KAREN EDWARDS says:

    My last hydration pack got all moldy, which I noticed on the PCT. I tried to cut away the majority of it from the tube but it was a lost cause. I used my Sawyer pouch the remainder of my hike and still haven’t replaced it. I could really use this. Write in the Rain was essential for my schooling at U of O in the landscape architecture program for plants class. Rain or shine, three hours, notes, notes, and more notes!

  28. Nancy says:

    Perfect gear for capturing notes about people met on the trail, random thoughts, unusual plants, etc…

  29. tami hodges says:

    I just hiked Havasupai this last weekend! What an unbelievable location! The falls were amazing and we had great weather considering its mid July! I would love to own an Outdoor Product Hydration Pack to go along with the other fabulous products I have of theirs! Pick ME!!

  30. Jonathan says:

    Awesome giveaway! Rite in the rain gear is some of the best I’ve used in the military.

  31. Yvonne Baird says:

    What a great give away!! I used to hike years ago and just now as an empty nester getting back out there!

  32. Kharl says:

    This is a great giveaway and it will help us immensely during the hot summer days in the South. Thank you for this opportunity.

  33. Sherry says:

    I could always use another hydration pack and notebooks are awesome! I have many that I like to just jot things down on but nothing as durable as these!

  34. AUDESSA VAUGHT says:

    Thanks for the chance. This is a great selection of what I would consider hiking essentials!

  35. Jennifer says:

    If I have to drink out of my old smelly camelback one more time I might hurl. Please randomly pick me 🙂

  36. Vicki says:

    I just found your website and FB page and so very excited! I’m fairly new to hiking and looking forward to having my first backpacking experience at the age of 56 in September. I have zero gear and appreciate the opportunity to possibly win a hydration pack!

  37. I am so exciting about this opportunity to grow my hiking gear and supplies! I enjoy hiking with my family and our coonhound. We share our adventures on our blog!

  38. Zach says:

    I really love the idea, the blog, and Rite in the Rain gear! Thanks for setting up the contest!

  39. Walking across South America my rite in the rain is how I keep notes on people, culture, and routes.
    This would be awesomely helpful for the next season and 5000 km!

  40. Phil Swart says:

    One of the things I love most about hiking is the ability to write “en plein air.” Some of the most eventful and beautiful natural phenomena occur during stormy weather. Rite in the Rain products are amazing for catching these moments with the energy of nature still behind them!

  41. Bill says:

    Rite in the rain products are great. I use their stuff constantly as a corrections officer. I recommend their products to anyone looking for great note pads.

  42. Andrew Hilsendeger says:

    Love my Rite in the Rain notebooks, and my hydration pack could stand to be replaced!

  43. Cynthia Schmied says:

    This looks like the perfect set of supplies for a nice hike in the woods and then sitting on a hillside collecting my thoughts. Thank you for this giveaway!

  44. Ernesto Gaeta says:

    What an awesome collection. Thanks for setting this up, hope for many more opportunities to explore and appreciate the great outdoors with the whole family.

  45. Shaina Demaris says:

    Oh gosh that would be AWESOME in these Oregon woods ?? Just a good ol’ logging family here! Thanks for the chance to win! ??

  46. Joe Hedghes says:

    I use Rite in Rain every day at work. All of this would be perfect. A new pack to go hiking with would be great… Just as it starts to cool off.

  47. Allen S. says:

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway! Sweet looking hydration pack, and I could always use some Rite in the Rain notebooks and pen/pencil set!

  48. Darryl Thomas says:

    I love Rite-in-the-Rain products! I took up geocaching, and having a good waterproof notebook helps, especially when trying to solve puzzles, record coordinates, or just in case I need another log sheet. Geocaching made way to hiking for me, and I still keep my Rite-in-the-Rain notebooks handy!

  49. Amanda Atkinson says:

    Great giveaway! Rite in the Rain products have been a staple for me since I’ve worked in outdoor conservation fields my whole life. Rain or shine, you gotta get the job done!

  50. Alexa F. says:

    Nice! Most of this would fill a gap (usability in rain) in my Search and Rescue gear pack. The small hydration pack would be nice for shorter stints or day hikes. Great set!

  51. KristenF says:

    What a great give away. I wasn’t previously familiar with the Rite in the Rain products. Fabulous items to have especially for someone who has to chronicle everything with words or drawing 🙂

  52. Michelle Hunter says:

    I’m in need of a new hydration pack and the notebooks are fantastic! What a wonderful gift to win! Thank you Outdoor Products for the opportunity to enter to try to win!!! 🙂

  53. Melissa H. says:

    Love the concept behind the Rite in the Rain notebooks! These would be so handy for weekend hikes!

  54. Susan Kerlin says:

    I use these for my Trail Register boxes when maintaining, they are awesome because they don’t deteriorate like a regular notebook. Would love to win some!

  55. Randi says:

    Lets me write a rainy book for everyone to read! Timely, since we are FINALLY getting our summer “monsoon” rains in the Arizona desert-whew.

  56. Leigh Nelson says:

    Looking forward to possibly winning the July giveaway. These items would be great for my outdoor adventures.

  57. Kasilda Gardner says:

    My sister-in-law said the movie Wild reminded her of me. I just saw the movie…it was amazing! I stumbled on different videos and blogs about the life changing effects that hiking the PCT has had on people, and I am intrigued. I’m definitely a beginner which is why I joined Not only for hiking info, but for hiking info from the perspective of a fellow woman!

    Thanks for the site & giveaways, and I hope to be winner!!

  58. Sheila Roote says:

    Perfect timing for the opportunity to win something I would use outdoors. Just logged into my email after 3 days of a circumnavigation hike around the island we live on, contrary to the hot, dry weather everywhere else it rained on us! A Rite in the Rain notebook would be perfect

  59. Julie Giovannoni says:

    Hi…I’m still hiking with my twin sister to beat the fast approaching aging process! Our parents both have diabetes brought on by diet, most likely. We are determined to stop the cycle. For mother’s day I asked my children to join me for a hike! Was a great day. Love your post and am hoping to win! Thanks. Julie

  60. Dena C says:

    I’m a beginner hiker; Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway! Your website is so informative and fun!

  61. Cheryl Ingerson says:

    I’m looking to add longer hikes to my fall schedule; a hydration pack would make the trips easier!

  62. Linda Gurrie says:

    Oh goodie! You have goodies!! I love goodies and could sure use a new hydration backpack with Rite in the Rain goodies. Love, love, LOVE their products. I’ve had my other one for so long, I am desperately in need!! thank you for the opportunity to win!

  63. Cindy says:

    Great give away. I’ve been wanting a hydration pack for a while, and I’ve always thought the Rite in the Rain products would be fun to have.

  64. Andrea Andres says:

    I am new to hiking and am excited to learn about every aspect! Rite in the Rain seems like a must-have!

  65. Patricia Stow says:

    I used a Rite in the Rain notebook for journaling in New Zealand…and yes it does write in the rain!

  66. Alyssa says:

    It would be great to get some new gear for the trail–Rite in the Rain especially perfect for a former English major living in Oregon 🙂

  67. Cathy Hamm says:

    This is a perfect package for a new retiree! And Rite in the Rain perfect for Oregon. Hiking and hydrating are good for the body and soul!

  68. Gloria says:

    I hike throughout the year. Hydration is essential to a safe and enjoyable hike. A super giveaway!

  69. Rose says:

    Great gear. Hydration hydration hydration.
    I’m tossing my hat into the ring thanks. : )

  70. Vicky Carlson says:

    I love a non stormy summer rain. This is great gear to have. Thanks for the chance to win this!

  71. Julie Hiscox says:

    I love your blog. LOts of good information and equipment reviews. This giveaway is just an added benefit!

  72. Miranda says:

    These rain proof items are great to have on the trails and hydration pack is valuable piece of gear that no hiker should be without on long distance trails.

  73. Nancy Passalacqua says:

    I sure could have used the pack last month. I was in Washington for 7weeks doing small trails for part of the time and part dog setting for the rest!

  74. Just moved to Swannanoa NC. Looking for new trails and still enjoying so many trails off the Blue Ridge Parkway. always looking for a good lightweight hydration pak!

  75. Susan Welenofsky says:

    It is 100 degrees here in Eastern Washington. Nothing could be better than a hydration pack this summer!

  76. Mary Ann Macklin says:

    Wow. I hadn’t considered that I might need writing gear that won’t fizzle with rain. Am doing the Vermont Long Trail in August. Luckily I am hiking with an experienced hiker! We’ve been training all year. For a novice, all of this is exciting and daunting. I LOVE everything I am learning from Hiking Lady and her followers.

  77. Shannon Shock says:

    I love that there is a hiking website/blog specifically designed for ladies who love to play in the mud! Keep up the awesome inspirational articles and tips!

  78. Pari' says:

    This looks like a darn good package for a long hike (because you’ll totally by hydrated for that hike), followed by not the greatest weather, because you could be stuck in your tent and write away – no problems! My carpenter husband would probably dig the pads, pens, & pencil too since we live in Virginia – land of all four seasons.

  79. Pat says:

    So would love to try the Outdoor Products Ripcord Hydration Backpack and finally be able to journal in the rain! 🙂

  80. Paula Green says:

    I love the notebooks! I have several well worn little notebooks I’ve taken on backpacking adventures and traveling. Really impressed with the weather proof pen!

  81. Trot Ten says:

    Started hiking again after many years hiatus…much older and wiser now but also more broken-the price of old age! All the new products today are astounding and certainly provide more benefits than the canvas knapsacks and tennis shoes of old. But still keeping to the trail because was once said “Tried feet, quiet mind” still rings true today!

  82. Karen King says:

    Great giveaway! My teenager commandeered my hydration pack for mountain biking so I could use a new one!

  83. Liz Stevens says:

    I love reading your reviews on products related to hiking! A new hydration pack would sure be sweet. Every long hiking trip I go on – I keep a journal – it would be nice to have something that would be impervious to the rain…

  84. Wow I am so glad I found you on twitter! Anyways I would love to win this since I am going on SOLO HIKING TRIP TO HAWAII!!! I am new to the hiking world and I have been loving every minute of the great outdoors. I never felt so alive until my very first trip to the top of Mission Peak in Fremont.

  85. Jessica Cruz says:

    Wow what a great package! I myself have just entered into the hiking world and I love it! I also love to journal, that being said what better place to journal in and take notes then on the trails themselves. I think nature is a perfect opportunity to write what moves you, to find your soul! Thanks for the chance and good luck to all!
    Stay safe out there!!

  86. AMD Hamm says:

    I wish I had known about Rite in the Rain products a couple years ago. I hike weekly, if not daily, at state nature centers and keep logs of things I see, hear and learn. These pens and pads would have been great for my note keeping. The pack would help too. I’ve gotten bruises from water bottles that I hang from my neck or shoulder to stay hydrated. You often do not know what you really need until you have it. Thanks for sharing the cool stuff and info!

  87. Dawn Jones says:

    I have never heard of the Rite in the Rain products, I’m glad I ran across this even if I don’t win. I will definetely be checking the products out. Thank you for the chance to win, and have a great day!

  88. Diane Richards says:

    The July Prize package is perfect for the weekend hiker warrior like myself.

    Happy Trails everyone!

  89. Linda says:

    Just found your site and have enjiyed reading some older articles too. I moved to AZ 2 yrs ago because of the weather and beautiful hiking. Just hiked 7 mi on the Black Canyon Trail yesterday. Your giveaway gear would be put to great use if I am the winner!

  90. Carolsue says:

    All of these products are great, things I could use! But I really want a pen that will write upside down! LOL.

  91. Kathy B says:

    Great idea! Would love to win. I always carry a writing pad and pen. Never know when you’ll need it.

  92. Vanessa Miller says:

    Wow, this gear would be great. Although I live in Australia so my chances are slim. Ive not heard of this brand, but all the comments suggest it is great. Ill have to invest in them. Good luck all with the draw.

  93. Sarah says:

    Brilliant! Would be very useful for the extreme conditions in the Grand Canyon this summer 🙂

  94. Susan says:

    Great products for rain or shine! Journaling is a great way to remember your adventures!

  95. Jennifer says:

    I have never used Rite in the Rain gear but would love to give it a try! Alwaus looking for the best gear

  96. David brown says:

    well add me to the list…my pack has been sewn up so many a tight ass…
    my pack is 20 years old..need to shoot it

  97. Kaitlyn Kavanagh says:

    Rite In The Rain is my favorite! I love these books and I use them every day! I refuse to use any other paper or notebooks because I know that if the paper gets wet then my notes are destroyed and I don’t want to take any chances. Once you start using Rite In The Rain you can’t go back to using regular notebooks.

  98. Kaitlyn says:

    Rite In The Rain is my favorite! I love these books and I use them every day! I refuse to use any other paper or notebooks because I know that if the paper gets wet then my notes are destroyed and I don’t want to take any chances. Once you start using Rite In The Rain you can’t go back to using regular notebooks.

  99. Angie Sharp says:

    I live in the Pacific Northwest and we just had 9 months straight with rain/snow; am an avid hiker and archaeologist. Also, I pretty much have a full-blown paper and pen fetish and would be stoked to when this!

  100. Susan says:

    New to hiking and just starting to pick up my supplies to go hiking. Would love to win this

  101. Matthew Bentley says:

    Having your notebooks not wash out if they get wet is so great. I’m a bicycle commuter and avid hiker/backpacker/climber, so these would really come in handy! Thanks for the giveaway!

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