Take the Smokey Bear Campfire Pledge

Smokey PledgeAre you ready to help prevent wildfires? Each year hundreds of thousands of acres of forest burn, destroying beautiful landscapes, wildlife habitats, and putting firefighter’s lives at risk. As many of you know, controlled fires are necessary for forest rejuvenation, however, inadvertent fires are extremely harmful and need to be prevented.

How can Hiking Lady readers help the Smokey Bear effort?

Many wildfires are unfortunately caused by careless behavior. Sometimes campers, hikers, and tourists just aren’t informed enough nor do they care enough to take the necessary steps to do their part to prevent wildfires.

Step One:

Fire safety is extremely important, so review the 10 Things All Hikers and Campers Must Know About Campfire Safety.

Step Two:

Take the Smokey Bear Campfire Pledge! What does that entail? Simply commit to be smart when you go outdoors. Sign up on the Smokey Bear website. My home state of California already has 3,907 pledges. Let’s get that to 5,000! We all should be part of this effort.
Smokey Pledge Form If you’re a teacher, be sure to consider incorporating Smokey’s Teaching Resources into your curriculum. There are loads of teaching guides and resources available to you to help your students be wildfire prevention experts! Teach them about controlled burns, preventing wildfires, firefighting tactics and more. It is a fun and excellent way to pass on our knowledge to the next generation, and hopefully help get the count of annual burned acres lower!

Step Three:

Go enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends, be smart about wildfires, and encourage everyone you know to take the pledge and support Smokey Bear’s efforts!

Happy trails!


  1. Carl says:

    As a California resident who likes to hike in the Angeles National Forest, as well hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, this article really got my attention.

    Thanks Hiking Lady for the great reminder!

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Glad to hear it Nutty Hiker! That’s fantastic that your husband is a firefighter. We need more of them!

  3. Dodgerfan says:

    I am so glad to see the information re. Smokey Bear who has stood for fire prevention and all hikers should be grateful for the work that Hiking Lady and Smokey are doing.
    Continue to spread the word to everyone about fire prevention which saves our trails for more hikers.

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