Postnatal Yoga

What better way for Mommy to get mentally and physically ready for hiking and outdoor adventures than postnatal yoga after giving birth!

Prenatal yoga is what I did in preparation for Hiking Baby, and it helped keep me balanced and strong enough for light hiking even in the later stages of pregnancy.

A way to recover from pregnancy and build up strength is postnatal yoga, and getting back into yoga will help keep you strong, re-tone your body, and help you feel healthy again and ready to take care of your baby and head back onto the trails when baby is ready!

The Postnatal Yoga DVD with Jennifer More is a comprehensive routine designed specifically for new moms.
Postnatal Yoga

The DVD was recorded specifically with the needs of new moms in mind. The workout routines start at just 5 minutes, then work up to 15 minute and 30 minute practices. I think this is ideal, because anyone who is a new mom knows that finding spare time for yourself is hard to come by. A 5 minute quick workout is a good way to ease back into a routine.

Additionally for Moms who’ve had c-sections, there are specific modifications in the practice.

Postnatal Yoga DVD


Disclaimer:  Always be sure to consult your medical practitioner before starting a new workout routine, particularly if you are pregnant or have just given birth.

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