A Smart Stroller?

Smart devices are everywhere now…smartphones, smartwatches, smart refrigerators that can let you know when you need to pick up milk at the grocery store, smart thermostats and more.

I just learned about the latest “smart” device…a smart stroller!  Who would have thought?

SmartBe Stroller
SmartBe Stroller: Powered by 2 electric engines and sensors that will keep the stroller the same distance in front of the parent, whether walking, jogging, or hiking!

Apparently it came naturally to entrepreneur Guillermo Morro, the maker of the SmartBe stroller.  He was tired of pushing his twins in a stroller up hill in San Francisco or through snow in New York City, so he decided to automate a stroller.

How will the SmartBe work?

  • An electric engine will push the stroller, even uphill or jogging
  • Sensors will always keep the stroller within reach of parents and allow for gentle turns
  • Smart stop technology will slow and brake the stroller in case of danger
  • A built in rocker, bottle warmer, and music create a mobile nursery
  • 3 different retractable canopies protect against the cold and rain, the Sun, or insects
  • Internal and external cameras allow parents to use the SMARTBE APP to monitor their baby even if they are resting in the next room of a friend
  • Safety features can allow only authorized personnel like parents and nannies to unlock the wheels of the stroller.

It will be very interesting to see one of these in action!

Would you use an electric powered smart stroller?

Happy trails!



  1. Marcel says:

    This does not make any sence to me.
    I do not know 1 stroller who has a perfect straight line. Every 10 meters you have to adjust. his stroller does not have swivel wheels and cannot turn.
    Next to that were can you run in a straight line………….only on a deserted airfield

  2. Donna says:

    This is really amazing. I wasn’t aware of this. Where can I go to see one?
    I’m really impressed too about the 3 covers for sun, insects and rain.

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