Win Butler Boots for Your Hiking Toddler!

Win Butler Boots Does your toddler love to jump into puddles when you’re exploring the outdoors together? Then you need to win a pair of Butler Boots!

Butler Boots are overboots. What does that mean? Your little one can slip them on either by themselves with the comfy liner (shown in the picture above), or else slip them on over a pair of shoes to protect shoes and socks.

Toddlers love splashing around in the rain, jumping into puddles when you’re out hiking with them, or exploring in the park. Little shoes and socks get destroyed easily from mud and gunk from toddler’s explorations.

Butler helps solve this problem.

Want to Learn More About Butler Boots?

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Win Butler Boots

How to Win a Pair of Butler Boots:

Just like with Hiking Lady’s monthly giveaways, we have a generous sponsor of this month’s Hiking Baby giveaway. Butler Boots has graciously offered 3 Hiking Baby readers complimentary pairs of Butler Boots for your toddler! Simply sign up below for a chance to win, and the three winners will be selected at random on January 31, 2016.

Thank you so much for Butler Boots for sponsoring this Hiking Baby Giveaway!


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