Hiking Lady’s Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for something really special for the hikers in your life? With the holidays coming up, Hiking Lady’s Holiday Gift can help you find the perfect gifts for everyone on your holiday list!

Hiking Related Gifts Under $50

Anderson Design Group 59 Illustrated National Parks
Anderson Design Group’s beautiful coffee table book: 59 Illustrated National Parks. $49.95.
Cairn Review
Cairn Subscription box, $25/month
  •  Anderson Design Group’s beautifully illustrated new book, 59 Illustrated National Parks. The book features original poster illustrations, photography, and fun facts and stories about America’s National Parks. $49.95.
  •  Cairn, the outdoor subscription box service!  Sign up to send your friends or yourself a box of goodies for outdoor lovers, ranging from trail snacks, hiking gear, emergency supplies, and more.  $25/month.


Hiking Related Gifts $50-$100

The Great Wide Open
The Great Wide Open: New Outdoor and Landscape Photography
ThermaCELL Heat Pack Hand Warmers
ThermaCELL Heat Pack Hand Warmers, $79.95.
  • The Great Wide Open, a compilation of inspiring outdoor photography.  $68.00.
  •  ThermaCELL Heat Pack Hand Warmers. These eco-friendly devices are rechargeable handwarmers. There are two versions, hand and pocket warmers. I’ve tried out the handwarmers, and they are an excellent alternative to disposable throw away heat packs for cold days snowshoeing, skiing, or hiking. They are simple to charge (USB to wall outlet), provide dry heat, hold their heat for 4-6 hours depending on the setting (Low/Medium/High heat), and are small and discreet. $79.95.


Hiking Related Gifts $100+

Woolpower Short Zip 200, $129.
Woolpower Short Zip 200, $129.
Vasque Pow Pow II UltraDry Winter Boots
Vasque Pow Pow II UltraDry Winter Boots, $149.
  • Woolpower’s Zip Turtleneck 200 was one of my favorite items to review this year. Not only is the Woolpower Zip Turtleneck 200 an ideal lightweight layer for cool summer evenings in the mountains or a winter baselayer, it is unisex, so great for the hiking men and hiking ladies on your list! Woolpower, $129.
  • Vasque Pow Pow II Ultradry winter boots are an excellent pair of boots for winter hiking and winter everyday wear. They are lined with Thinsulate Ultra insulation to keep your feet and ankles warm, even on the coldest days. Vasque/Amazon $149.


Happy trails and happy holidays!

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