Hiking Lady’s Outdoor Retailer Photo Album

Icebreaker at OR
Lots of color with Icebreaker's Spring 2012 line!

The Outdoor Retailer show is always a fantastic event…and a lot of fun for people like me that love the outdoors. While I honestly would prefer to spend two days outdoors on a hiking adventure somewhere, spending 2 days surrounded by the latest and greatest outdoor gear with fellow enthusiasts is always a great time!

In addition to the highly innovative products…see Hiking Lady’s Top 5 from Outdoor Retailer 2011…there were a lot of other cool products (some that were tasty too!)

Check out my pictures:

CamelBak developed a new product line for Stand Up Paddleboarders…I am lucky to live driving distance to the Southern California beaches, and I’m really enjoying paddleboarding (when I’m not out hiking of course!). CamelBak’s products are designed specifically for use in the water…which means rust resistance, lots of drainage, very comfortable materials that can be worn on bare skin, and even a way to store your paddle when you’re hydrating!

CamelBak SUP line
CamelBak SUP line

SnowPeak had lots of cool gear, including a SnowMiner headlamp that can be converted into a hanging lantern. Talk about a neat way to illuminate the inside of a dark tent at night!

SnowPeak - talk about an organized booth!
SnowPeak - talk about an organized booth!

SteriPEN came out with an even lighter and smaller UV water purifier, the SteriPEN Freedom. It is only 5.1 inches long and weighs a mere 2.6 ounces. Just like all the other SteriPENs, the UV light destroys bacteria, protozoa, and viruses!

SteriPEN Freedom - just 2.6 ounces!
SteriPEN Freedom - just 2.6 ounces!

I met a company called Greenlayer, a Portland Oregon based apparel company that makes high tech apparel, baselayers, underwear, and accessories using recycled polyester. I’m a huge fan of everything green, and Greenlayer is super green! Equally important, their products work. They are highly wicking, soft, and stylish. That’s what I call a great combination! No wonder major marathon and triathalons have partnered with Greenlayer to make their official race day apparel.

Almost all energy bars and trail bars are sweet… yummy combinations of chocolate, nuts, oats, berries… Journey Bars changes all that! I sampled a couple of their bars…they taste like real food! They were surprisingly good, had a nice kick, and definitely a wonderful change from the typical chocolate chips!

Journey bars
Journey bars - savory trail bars!


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