High Tech Socks!

There are so many great hiking socks on the market, I was surprised to find yet another brand that makes top quality, highly technical socks.

Check out the new gear review of the Women’s Lorpen Tri Layer Hiking Socks, a unique three layer technology that does a great job of wicking sweat away. How did they stack up to other brands tested by the Hiking Lady?

Lorpen Midweight Hiker
Lorpen Midweight Hiker


  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi again Alec. I only change my socks on backpacking trips, and even then I wash them and use them more than once if it is a long trip. On a very long day hike I’ve always been ok with 1 pair. A trick I use is wearing sock liners. Have fun on your walks/hikes!

  2. Alec says:

    I will take on the higher quality socks advice, and trial them within the coming months.

    I suppose I can make do with poor quality socks as my feet are very hardened, from getting a lot of blisters from long long distance walking, so I may be a special case haha.

    Would you say with the higher quality socks you use, you woudn’t have a need to change socks during a walk?

  3. Hiking Lady says:

    Thanks for the comments, Alec! Happy to hear you are having a good time hiking over in the U.K. Personally, I have found higher quality socks to be much better on the trail compared to doubling up ordinary ones. Generally socks that are high quality cost $15+ per pair.

    I don’t know what you consider “ordinary” socks, but I definitely think a good pair of high tech socks will be noticeably better than 2 pair of low quality ones. The features I look for are the ability to wick sweat and keep my feet dry, comfort, and durability. As long as my feet stay dry or almost dry after hours on the trail, I don’t get blisters.

    Happy trails!

  4. Alec says:

    Hi, how much do these high tech socks cost?

    In my experience I dont need to spend a lot of money on socks, as long as the boot fits, I can wear any pair of ordinary socks, as long as I double up. Do you find this is the case for you sometimes, or are you always high tech sock.

    I find at most I will use special hiking socks with double layers themselves. I am curious to the effect of the high tech socks, and would appreciate opinions from those who use them.

    Thanks, Alec,

    check out my blog at http://likehiking.com/.

    Great blog/website by the way!

  5. Hiking Lady says:

    Thanks for the comment, Andra! I agree with you. These would definitely be better for those hikers with wide feet! Happy trails!

  6. Andra says:

    These look and sound like wonderful socks but bulky works for me! I also have a narrow thin foot and prefer socks that are on the bulkier side. I need to make sure my socks fit my hiking and snowshoeing boots. I have been spoiled with my Wigwam and Goodhew socks and will be sticking with them.

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