Blue vs. Green Superfeet Insoles?

Ridges on the Blue Superfeet Insoles
Ridges on the Blue Superfeet Insoles
Hiking Lady reader Genette is about to buy some new backpacking boots. Just like me, she takes out the unsupportive, cheap insoles that come with most running shoes and hiking boots and puts in much more supportive Superfeet insoles.

However, the is a lot of talk that the ridges on Blue Superfeet insoles damage the Gore-Tex liners of boots. Do Blue Superfeet Insoles Cause Problems in Gore-Tex Hiking Boots? Genette wants to know the truth behind it… so check out Hiking Lady’s answer to see if Genette should keep wearing Blue Superfeet insoles or switch to the Green Superfeet to help her Gore-Tex boots last longer.

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