How to Find Deals on Hiking Gear

All of us are pinched for cash these days… No need to worry though, because you can find deals on hiking gear for your outdoor adventures! Here are some of Hiking Lady’s tips:

Point Vicente and Catalina Island, CA
Point Vicente and Catalina Island, CA
  • Check out and search for camping, hiking, and backpacking gear. You never know when someone in your area is getting rid of some trekking poles, a high end backpack they decided to never use (because they got blisters while backpacking and didn’t read’s tips!), or a women’s sleeping bag. A little bit of consistent searching can really pay off.
  • REI periodically has Used Gear sales at their stores. To find out, go to REI’s website, click on “Store Locator” and find your local store, then click on “Hours, events, directions, and more”. Get there early, because there will undoubtedly be a long line. It’s worth the wait because the deals are so good! Because of REI’s generous return policy, you’ll be able to find slightly used boots, adventure apparel, trekking poles, and even backpacks and sleeping bags! Make sure you’ve done you’re research beforehand when buying something that should be fitted to you, like backpacks. Occasionally the gear will be very used (yes their return policy seems to be overly generous sometimes!), but have a look around! I got my Vasque Blur trail running shoes for just $30 at a recent used gear sale 🙂 and I couldn’t even tell they were used!
  • is another place to look for heavily discounted hiking gear for women, like women’s hiking boots, trekking poles, camping and backpacking gear. They have overstocks and closeouts. Be sure to check out their Deals of the Day. They had a Sierra Designs 3-person light weight tent on sale for $99 recently.
  • Left Lane Sports Hot deals on top brand gear! Very quick sales, and limited products, so you have to keep checking back. It is a great place to find hot deals!
  • Hiking Lady’s “Deals and Free Stuff” I am constantly scouring the Internet to find the best deals on hiking gear, apparel, guides, and anything else that a hiker would want! Regularly check back and find out who is sponsoring contests to win free trips, photo contests, and what free giveaways are out there!

Happy shopping! See you on the trails!


  1. Jennifer says:

    GearAroundHere was started to help address this issue! I’ve had a lot of good luck “renting” out my old gear. You know, the stuff that I needed 10 years ago and have since upgraded but still can’t seem to fully let go of. They are a locally based company out of Virginia with a really good team.

    Think about what you have that others may want to rent. Maybe you have a fancy 10 person tent or a backpack that can haul food & gear for 15 days. GearARoundHere is sure those cost you an arm, a leg and then some. Get a list and pictures of the outdoor gear that you have (maybe you purchased it on an impulse) and list it on GAH. List just one item, or list them all; the choice is up to you! Right down to how much it costs to “rent” the item and when it’s available. By adding in when the item is available, you have the flexibility to block out dates when you know you will be using the item, say for a family camping trip or a trek in the Alps, but it’s still available for those who would really love to use it for an adventure.

  2. Amber says:

    Hi! I found some great deals at the REI outlet store and sometimes on Amazon. Also you don’t pay tax at amzon!

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