Hiking Boots for Kids!

Hiking Boots for Kids: Timberland Pre School Boot Hiking Baby took a look at some future hiking boots…and he has his eyes on the rugged looking Timberland Pre School Field Boots. It’s never too early to start thinking about a serious pair of hiking boots for kids!

Once your little one is out of soft soled crib shoes, he or she will start wearing miniature versions of adult shoes. If you’re ready for your toddler to hit the trails with you and he’s graduated from the trail stroller or child carrier, then you’ve got to equip him or her with proper hiking footwear. He or she will need a pair of little boots.

What to Look for in Hiking Boots for Kids

The three most important things to look for are:

    Impressively rugged lug soles – an important feature in hiking boots for kids

  • Excellent traction. Sturdy lug soles help prevent slipping, just like with adult boots.
  • A stiff toe box. It will help protect your little one’s toes from the inevitable run-ins with rocks.
  • Water resistance. This is optional, but likely useful depending on the conditions you’ll be hiking in. Toddlers love jumping in puddles!

What hiking boots for kids fit this description? My searching turned up a pair of boots called the Timberland Pre School Field Boots.

Unique Features of these Hiking Boots for Kids

  • High quality premium materials. It is quite impressive for a kid’s hiking boot to be made with premium leather, nylon canvas, etc. The seams are sealed to help keep junior’s feet dry when he jumps into a puddle or inevitably hikes through mud on your adventures.
  • The lugsoles are rugged. Talk about serious lug soles. Timberland did not skimp at all when they put the rubber high traction lugsoles on these little boots.
Hiking Boots for Kids
Awesome hiking boots for kids! Timberland Pre School Field Boots
Impressively rugged lug soles – an important feature in hiking boots for kids
Comfy soft leather at the ankle and the boot doesn’t come up too high


  • Materials: High quality premium leather and nubuck, nylon canvas, rubber lug outsole.
  • Price: $65 at KicksUSA (lowest price I found online)
  • Sizes: 13C, 1Y, 2Y (pictured), 3Y
  • Color choices: Brown/Olive Green

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