How Hiking Baby Keeps His Feet Dry: Butler Boots Review!

Butler Boots ReviewHave you heard of overboots? Does your outdoors loving toddler often come home with wet and muddy shoes and socks? We’ve had a chance to test out a pair of Butler Boots, so check out this Butler Boots Review to find out for yourself why Hiking Baby keeps his feet dry and comfortable while learning to love the outdoors, puddles included!

How do Butler Boots Work?

Butler Boots are known to be “easy” to slip on over a pair of any child’s shoes. Here is how to put them on:

The design is quite logical – there is a tab in the back that a child (or parent) can use to help slip the shoes on. The boots widen with the accordian-style front, then once your child’s feet are in place, it is an easy to use velcro closure to secure the boots in place.

I found that the boots stayed on well and were secure on Hiking Baby’s feet.

Hiking Baby’s Butler Boots Review

Is putting on a pair of Butler Boots as easy at it looks? Well, it depends! In my experience, you’ll want to make sure to order Butler Boots in at least one full size larger than your child’s street shoe. Otherwise, they will be difficult to get on. Moreover, it seems that children under four will need a little help getting them on. Older kids for the most part should be able to put them on themselves quite easily.

Specs of Butler Boots:

  • Colors? 6 different color choices
  • Butler Boots Review: color choices
    Butler Boots Review: color choices
  • Sizes? 9 different sizes
  • Materials: Patented material designed to be more durable than traditional rain boots. The company says their materials are all non-toxic and environmentally friendly. I noticed the boot liner had an odor when it arrived, but it was a neutral smell and dissipated after taking them out of the boots for a couple of days.
  • Soles? They are grippy enough to provide traction on most surfaces. Check out the picture.
  • Butler Boots Soles
    Butler Boots Soles

Good luck keeping your own Hiking Baby’s feet comfortable in all sorts of weather! Also, stayed tuned for the January Hiking Baby Giveaway! Butler Boots will be offering boots to 3 lucky Hiking Baby readers.

Happy trails!


  1. Bobbie C. says:

    What a neat gear review! A very helpful boot and liner for the little one…to boot! Sorry but I could not pass up the chance for a pun on this review.

    Keep up the good ideas for the young ones.

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