All Terrain Footwear for Little Feet: KEEN Newport H2s

Hiking Baby is an active two year old toddler who loves playing in the dirt, splashing in mud, swimming, digging for worms, and of course, hiking! What are his new “go to” summer outdoor shoes? The Little Kids’ KEEN Newport H2s. Last summer, he had the Toddler KEEN Newport H2s, but this year he has graduated to the similar yet larger version, the Little Kids’ KEEN Newport H2s.

Keen Newport H2 toddler shoes
Solid rubber toe bumpers on both the Toddler and Little Kids’ KEEN Newport H2

How Did I Pick the Toddler & Little Kids’ Keen Newport H2 for Hiking Baby?

    • Washable and Quick Dry! First off, the most important feature I looked for was a washable sandal. The Little Kids’ KEEN Newport H2 definitely are washable! Not only are they washable, but they dry very quickly. A previous pair of sandals Hiking Baby used took forever to dry, which is useless in the summertime. Little people want to go from splashing in mud puddles one afternoon to digging in the dirt the next morning, and I have yet to meet a two year old who agreed to put on a pair of soggy, smelly sandals. Hence, the search for washable, quick drying sandals began in earnest. I have washed them in the machine as well, and they come out looking and smelling brand new.
Perfect for water play and swimming too
Perfect for water play and swimming too
    • Supportive footbed and good traction. What differentiates the KEEN Newport H2s versus many other sandals on the market is the supportive, durable footbed. Hiking Baby doesn’t know it, but I’m looking out for his proper foot development. His pudgy feet need some arch support and structure to protect him from sharp rocks and hot surfaces (especially as his climbs in and out of the community wading pool).
Good traction for dirt, water, and concrete
    • Comfortable. The inside of the Little Kids’ KEEN Newport H2 sandals are made of neoprene, keeping it cool and comfortable for the little feet inside. Hiking Baby has never had any chafing, blisters, red spots, etc. with these sandals.
Neoprene lining is comfortable and quick dry
    • Excellent toe protection with big rubber bumper. I love the fact that the KEEN Newport H2s have a big toe guard, so when Hiking Baby’s little feet jam into a wall, a rock, and when he’s on the trail, I don’t have to worry about toenail and toe injuries.
Keen Newport H2 toddler shoes
Solid rubber toe bumpers
  • Good value. These sandals are extremely durable. Hiking Baby wears them on cooler days with socks on, and puts them through a lot of abuse. Nonetheless, given how durable they are, I expect that each pair Hiking Baby owns will be able to be handed down to his little brother.

    KEEN Newport H2s can easily be worn with socks on cool days
  • No foam. This appears to be the secret as to why the KEEN Newport H2s dry so quickly, stay pleasant smelling, and will be able to be used by Hiking Baby’s brother – there isn’t any foam in the footbed. Therefore, water and odors cannot be absorbed. Additionally, the stiffer footbed doesn’t mold to the shape of his foot, so I feel comfortable having our next baby wear the same pair when he outgrows them.

A Note on Sizing

The Little Kids’ KEEN Newport H2s run small, so be sure to order at least a size up if you decide to get a pair. The width is amendable to chubby Wide width feet.



  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Yes, they are stylish! I should have mentioned that, but the pictures hopefully capture how cute they are! 🙂
    Be sure to order one size up.

    Happy trails!

  2. Donns says:

    Those little shoes are so cute and practical too. I’m going to get some for sure for my little one.

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