Marmot Women’s Diva Daypack

Women's Marmot Diva Pack, 35L

I was super lucky and won this Marmot Diva daypack on a MatadorNetwork contest! I’ve been using it quite a bit, primarily for long day hikes (including on my 17 hour hike up to the top of Mt. Whitney in the Sierra Nevadas), as well as snowshoe day trips.

Because it is slightly larger than most daypacks (it is 35L vs. 30L), and because it is a top loading daypack, rather than a panel loading daypack, there is plenty of room for lots of gear. It is on the large side for shorter day trips, but it is great for full day hikes and winter travel!

What I particularly like about the Marmot Women’s Diva is:

  • It is definitely a woman specific pack – it fits me well because the waistbelt is designed to fit on a woman’s hips, the shoulder straps are contoured and narrow, and the sternum strap is adjustable.
  • Great waist belt pocket. I would prefer that it had 2 waistbelt pockets, but on the right side there is a waist rack, which is where you can attach other gear. There are lots of loops and straps, including a specially designed ice axe pocket.

I finally got a chance to test out to convenience of the ice axe pocket, and all I can say is that my mountaineering friends are quite jealous!! 😉

I took a snow skills course, and now bought my own ice axe and have been using it a lot the last 2 months, including on a recent trip up Mt. Baldy in Southern California (I hiked with friends straight up the Baldy Bowl!)

Important Update!

The Marmot Diva is no longer being made, so I would suggest the Gregory Savant 38 or the Patagonia Ascensionist.

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  1. Audrey Mulloy says:

    Dear Hiking Lady,
    Thank you so much! You’re reply was helpful. My boyfriend and I are planning on doing the climb together in August. No porters. But we will be able to share space in packs for gear. Also I’m hoping since it’ll be warm(er) clothes won’t be too heavy/take up space! I’ve never done a big Mountian climb, I do love hiking and have gone on plenty of day hikes, and a few backpacking trips. Any other suggestions/advice you have for an excited/nervous first time girl backpacker?!
    Thanks again!

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Audrey, this will work for you if you don’t have to take along backpacking gear as well (I’m assuming that maybe you will have guides and porters?) It will be a bit small if you want to carry a 4 season tent, warm sleeping bag, stove, and sleeping pads. If you are able to pack really well and share gear, then it is an option. If all you’re carrying are your 10 essentials, extra clothing, food, water, etc. this pack or one of similar size will be perfect for you! The Marmot Diva is no longer being made, so I would suggest the Gregory Savant 38 or the Patagonia Ascensionist Hope that helps!

  3. Audrey Mulloy says:

    Hi! I’m wondering how you think this backpack would do for a 2-3 day hike. I’m planning on climbing Mt. Rainier this summer and I’m looking for a good pack for that trip (and hopefully more like it)! I’d love to hear your feedback and any other suggestions you have!

  4. Hiking Lady says:

    Great question, Patrick. I am 5’3″ and love this pack. I would recommend that she get the size Small for sure. It is highly adjustable, and it can carry a lot of gear…I think she’ll like it!

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