Garmont Nagevi Review

Garmont has revamped their classic best selling low top hiking shoe, the Nagevi!

Garmont Nagevi Review: A light hiking shoe with tough construction

Garmont Nagevi .

The Nagevi has been one of Garmont’s classic shoe models for many years, and this year’s model was a total redesign. As you can see in the photos below, the older model was heavier, did not have breathable mesh venting, and the colors were more neutral.  The new Garmont Nagevi’s will help you stand out in the forest!

The old version of the Garmont Nagevi
Nagevi - new
The new version of the Garmont Nagevi women’s shoes

The Garmont Nagevi are versatile shoes because they can be used for light hiking as well as more intense hiking. I found them to be comfortable after many hours of wear, and they are quite breathable. While they may look like a running shoe, don’t let the bright colors deceive you. They definitely are quality hiking shoes, and have a stiff feel with excellent traction. As typical for high quality hiking shoes, the sole is constructed of Vibram rubber.

A few months ago I reviewed Garmont’s Women’s Tower Trek mountaineering boots. Just like with those high end boots, much of the same quality can be found in these Nagevi hiking shoes. Notably, Garmont’s proprietary “a.d.d.” (Anatomically Directed Design) can be found in the Nagevi’s. Just like with the Tower Trek mountaineering boots, the Nagevi’s have:

  • An asymmetrical cuff, which provides better stability and comfort on uneven terrain.
  • Anatomical tongue. It is thicker to the outside and thinner towards the inside.
  • Differential ankle pads. This helps lock your heels in place. If you need extra help locking your heels in place, read about the Hiking Lady lacing techniques.
  • Precision lacing. These shoes use a Ghillie lacing system, which I always look for in my hiking shoes and boots. What is a Gilly (Ghillie) Lacing System? It is a lacing system that originated in the Scottish Highlands and it involves a system of rings and loops over the tongue of a boot or shoe, rather than eyelets punctured into the boot or shoe. In the case of the Nagevi’s, there are a series of loops through which the laces pass, as seen in the pictures.
  • Roomy toe box. Enough said!
Garmont Nagevi low top hiking shoes
The Garmont Nagevi shoes are sturdy – definitely suited for trails
The Vibram soles on these shoes are designed to handle rough terrain

Specs of Garmont Nagevi Shoes:

  • Sizing: From my personal experience testing these shoes, the Nagevi’s run true to size. They are ideal for a medium width foot.
  • Colors: Raspberry, Turquoise.
  • Where to Buy? You can buy them directly from the Garmont North America website, or REI
  • Price? $125.00

Overall, Garmont Nagevi shoes are a good quality low top hiking shoe, ideal for medium width feet and someone who likes a variety of terrain, rock scrambling, and bright colors!

Also – stay tuned. In June, Garmont will be sponsoring the Hiking Lady Giveaway and offering a pair of Nagevi’s to one lucky winner!!!

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    An idea what the little crescent shaped pads are to be used for? They were in my new Garmont Nagevi waterproof shoes.


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