Pelican MityLite 1900 Flashlight

Pelican MityLite
My Dad is always focused on my safety when I’m out on the trail, and he always tells me to make sure I have a backup flashlight.

Before, I used to just use either my Black Diamond Spot headlamp or my Energizer Trail Finder headlamp on evening hikes and backpacking trips.

As a backup, I now carry a Pelican MityLite. My Dad gave me a MityLite a few months ago, and I am really enjoying using it. Pelican products are designed for divers, and many of their products, including this flashlight, are submersible! I’ve used it in the rain a couple of times with the confidence knowing that I wouldn’t mess up the electronics of this flashlight!

My Pelican MityLite 1900 Flashlight
My Pelican MityLite 1900 Flashlight is under 5 inches long and very lightweight

What is particularly nice is that the beam is very powerful – despite its small size, it is able to illuminate well even in dusty and foggy conditions. Plus, it takes 2 AAA batteries, and since I always have extra AAA batteries in my pack for my headlamp, it is nice knowing that the batteries are interchangeable.

The only drawback is that you need to remember to twist the light an extra turn to make sure it is off, otherwise you’ll have some dead batteries on your hands!

Check out this video of me using my Pelican MityLite:

If you want to read some more reviews on the best flashlights, why not visit Gear Hungry and look through their great guides? Also check out my review of the Pelican ProGear 1920 Flashlight!

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