A 2 pound tent: The Easton Kilo!

Easton kilo tent with rainfly

At the Summer 2010 Outdoor Retailer Show, Easton Mountain Products introduced an innovative product that I think will likely be a favorite of serious backpackers.

Easton has developed a highly durable, yet ultra light tent called the Easton Kilo. Yes, it weighs under a “kilo”gram (910 grams to be exact; just over 2 pounds!) This is a 2-person tent that is more durable than other ultra light tents. How did they do it?

I got the details! Easton eliminated those heavy aluminum poles that are found in most tents, and developed the lightest tent pole to hit the market. They are called the “Carbon Ion poles”. Instead of heavy shock cord that is found on the inside of aluminum poles, Easton used a composite material and has a patent pending on the new AirLock connector system.

The Easton Kilo Tent at Outdoor Retailer 2010
The Easton Kilo Tent at Outdoor Retailer 2010

Because they were able to shave so much weight with the new pole system, they were able to use durable materials for the floor and the fly. The floor of the tent is made of 30D nylon, so your knees won’t get wet if you set up the tent on muddy or wet ground.

The patent pending locking system of the connectors in the carbon poles is quite impressive. Check out the picture below.

Easton Kilo Carbon Ion Poles and AirLock connector system
Easton Kilo Carbon Ion Poles and AirLock connector system

At the price of $399, this will be a tent for serious backpackers only. For now I’ll be taking along fewer snacks to cut down my pack weight!

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  1. Sienna Moon says:

    Try the Sea to Summit Duo. A fabulous tent and worthy o the investment. Travelled for 9 weeks and all conditions. Just fabulous.

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    I haven’t trail tested that one but if any of the readers have, please share your feedback! Thanks!

  3. Danny LIneberger says:

    I had a chance to look at the Kilo 2 person tent recently. The light weight was very nice, but the inside fabric seemed to sag quite a bit. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Also I have not had a chance to look at the Kilo 1 person tent yet. What are your thoughts on this tent? Danny

  4. Hiking Lady says:

    Excellent information, Hiro. The pictures of that tent are great. I haven’t seen one like that yet, but the design definitely looks like it would solve the problem of a wet interior while setting up in the rain.

  5. Hiro says:

    Dear Arvid
    If it rains, there is no way of setting up as far as possible. I used Akto for 4 years, and now using Power Lizard for solo-hiking, I am satisfied these tents, because the inner and outer tents are combined into one, then the setting us is very easy. I had change my mind not to buy this tent, because it is narrow for two persons, and it may not be strong. In this summer, I will guide my wife from VVR to Lone Pine, and I need more wide, stronger, and lighter tent. So I bought single wall tent at the England site: Robens Stratos (German tent?) http://bit.ly/jAZpMr (sorry it is a Japaneses site)

  6. Hiking Lady says:

    Great question, Arvid. When it is raining I lay the fly over the tent to help keep the tent dry while I’m setting it up. It isn’t a perfect solution, but it does help keep water out during set up. Once the tent is setup I use a little sponge or a shamwow (a chamois/towel product that is very absorbent) to get rid of any water that is left in the tent. Here in California we don’t have as much rain as you do in Sweden, so if you have other ideas from your experience in the rain please share them! Thank you.

  7. Arvid says:

    Hi! I have a simple problem which renders this tent and many like it pretty much defective. Since it’s designed to pitch inside-fist and the fly afterwards, what are you supposed to do if it rains?? If you set this tent during a reasonable downpour you will be left with a bathtub with a roof. I live in Sweden and rain is something you have to think of when you get above the tree-line. Any thoughts?

  8. Hiro says:

    Thanks for your review. It’s a really innovative tent. I think it is large enough for two person, and the vertical entrance is quite easy to use it. I will buy this tent for this summer ( JMT ).

  9. john says:

    Some company called Footslogger.com. I’ve never heard of them. They’re the ones taking pre-orders. It really does look fantastic. I like the nearly vertical door. It’ll limit the amount of rain that can reach the tub floor while getting in and out.

  10. Hiking Lady says:

    Thanks for the comment John! I’ll have to check out the chatter on Backpacking Light and see who is taking the pre-orders. Happy backpacking!

  11. john says:

    Great looking tent! I’m looking at this as a epic 2 person tent when I bring along my better half.

    I’m 9th in line for a new Lightheart Cuben Solo. Judy the owner is waiting for material before getting her cuben solo production going. That’ll be a great 1 person 14 oz two wall tent.

    I just saw on BPL talk about one company already taking pre-orders for the Kilo.

  12. Hiking Lady says:

    Thank you for your 2 cents Stephanie! I’m glad to hear that your Gossamer Gear The One is working so well for you!

  13. Stephanie Tautkus says:

    I own a Gossamer Gear The One. I love it! It weighs yes 1LB! It is a single wall and uses trekking poses or you can buy poles for it. I took it up to Alaska this summer and it performed well. We had a 12 hour wind storm over 50 mph winds there was a rip along 1 of the guy outs, they fixed for free. It is made of spinnaker cloth which is a little loud but didn’t bother me. the price is $295. I needed to go light because of a back problem this really worked for me. They also send 2 footprints that are very tough but very light. Anyway just my 2 cents.

  14. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Jim!
    Yep, the pack weight does include the rainfly. Amazingly light, that’s for sure. I haven’t had a chance to field test one yet, but if I do I’ll let you know how it holds up with a ground cloth or footprint. Another Hiking Lady reader had questions about the Easton Kilo vs. other lightweight tents, so you may find that info helpful too.
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  15. Jim says:

    Hey Hiking Lady, does the Kilo (2 lb tent) “pack weight” include the rainfly? Even though it has 30D nylon floor, I still wouldn’t feel comfortable without a Tyvek ground cloth.

  16. Ole says:

    Hi King Lady !

    Very interesting little tent, but any tent need a top-vent ! For 3 season summer stealth camping, it also need a green fly !


  17. John says:

    It’ll be a difficult choice between the Easton Kilo and the Big Sky Mirage 2P Cuben Fiber tent. The Big Sky tent will be $999.99 and weigh 1 lb 15.4 oz. However, it has 2 side doors with vestibule. Wait a minute….I think the price just told me what one I’d buy. Give me the extra 2 ounces with front entry and let me save $600.

  18. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Michele, Yes I agree that the picture is a little misleading! When I saw the tent set up at the Outdoor Retailer show that was one of my questions -“where’s the vestibule!?” There was another Kilo Tent hanging from the ceiling with the rainfly in place so I was able to see the vestibule that way ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hiking Lady says:

    Actually it has a small vestibule up front (6 square feet total) when the rainfly is on. Not overly spacious, but there will definitely be room to store a couple of big packs! ๐Ÿ™‚

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