California Baby Review: Eco Friendly, Safe, Natural Baby Products

California Baby ReviewMy mission as Hiking Lady is to be on the search for Hiking Baby approved products to keep all of our babies safe.  As all of us know, too many products are filled with junk: chemicals, rash causing ingredients, artificial colors/flavors/scents, and more.  I’ve had a chance to test out some California Baby products: Natural Bug Blend Bug Repellent, Hand Sanitizer, and Super Sensitive No Fragrance sunscreen.  So check out this California Baby review and see what I think of California Baby!

California Baby Review: Bug Repellent

California Baby Bug RepellentBabies and toddlers should not use any DEET based bug repellent. The chemicals are just too harmful! This natural option from California Baby is an essential oils based bug repellent that is safe for babies, children, and adults.

It isn’t bug season currently here in Southern California, so I can’t let you know how effective this is. What I can share are my thoughts on the scent, ingredients, and whether or not this is suitable for your hiking baby!

This bug repellent sure smells nice! The citronella and lemongrass are pungent, so you and your baby will smell like a citronella candle. I like the scent, and the spray seems to be non-irritating based on my testing. The company claims that it is good for sensitive skin.

Given that the ingredients include citronella, lemongrass, and cedar, which are all known to be natural repellents to mosquitoes, flies, and other annoying trail pests, this should be an effective non-DEET, safe alternative that you can use for yourself and your little one. Once bug season picks up in the summer I’ll report back on how well this bug repellent works!

Price: $19.95,, 6.5 fl oz..

California Baby Review: Hand Sanitizer

California Baby Hand SanitizerThe California Baby Hand Sanitizer smells like lemon, and is a simple mist spray. The primary ingredient is alcohol, and it definitely does not smell like alcohol as many other mainstream sanitizers do. In fact, the smell is refreshing and I found myself using the spray to deodorize stinky areas. I really think this is a must have for parents who need something safe for to use on their babies and young children when you’re on the go. Spray some little hands before it is time for the baby’s trail snack!

Price: $5.79,, 2 ounces.

California Baby Review: Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Suncreen Stick

California Baby Sunscreen StickOkay this is clearly one very expensive sunscreen stick. Why is it so expensive? I’m not totally sure, but my guess is because it is baby safe. Most sunblocks shouldn’t even be used on babies and young children. Ideally, babies should not be in direct sunlight before 6 months of age, but if they are, then they need to have a mineral based sunscreen. It must be difficult to make sunblock that is chemical free.

The California Baby Super Sensitive Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick uses Titanium dioxide (17%) as the main active ingredient. There are no fragrances, is non-greasy, and doesn’t burn the eyes. As an adult, I am not a big fan of stick sunblocks, however, this one does work and is effective even when perspiring. For really little ones, I like the fact that it is fragrance free, easy to apply, and of course mineral based, so good a possibility for babies and good for sensitive toddlers and children (adults too!). I really like that it is packaged in a small size so it is easy to stash in your trail stroller or even a pocket when you’re out enjoying the outdoors with your baby.

Price: $17.09,, 0.5 fl oz.

Important to note: These three California Baby products are free from soy, oat, gluten, and dairy, so if you or your child are sensitive or allergic to any of these ingredients, the California Baby products reviewed above may be ideal for you.

Happy trails! And happy chemical free babies 🙂

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