Sierra Designs Long Sleeve Solar Wind Shirt Review

Sierra Designs Womens Long Sleeve Solar Wind Shirt ReviewSierra Designs has a new trail top for women that has many of the good features of a safari top, without all of the buttons and stiffness.

Check out this Sierra Designs Long Sleeve Solar Wind Shirt Review!

Notable Unique Features of the Sierra Designs Long Sleeve Solar Wind Shirt

The Sierra Designs website lays out three of the best features of this top pretty well. I would re-order them, with the breathable back panel being the best part of this unique top, but alas, here they are:
Sierra Designs best features

Here’s my view of what the 3 best features of this top are:

  • Breathable panels. All hiking button down tops that I’ve dried are made entirely of one fabric type. Sierra Designs bucks that trend by incorporating stretchy, breathable panels. The sleeves as well as the back of the shirt have breathable, comfortable panels. In my initial trials, I noticed my back was less sweaty than usual when wearing this top.
  • Extremely lightweight! Unlike most hiking tops that tend to be heavy, the Sierra Designs Solar Wind Shirt weighs just 6 ounces.
  • Push up sleeve. I am used to wearing tops with a button up sleeve. Due to the elastic panel design of this top, the sleeves can be pushed up. This is a really nice feature! So far I love it. My only concern is that over time (and many launderings) it could stretch out, making it unlikely to stay up as well as it does now.


  • Sizing: The Sierra Designs Solar Wind Shirt comes in XS to XXL, a nice wide range of sizes for all shapes and sizes of hiking ladies.
  • Where to Buy?
  • Pricing? $48-$89
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Materials: 94% 90D Nylon, 6% Spandex.
  • Sun protection? Yes, UPF rated at 35 for the main fabric, UPF 40 for the stretch panels.
  • Colors: White, Coral, Aluminum

Overall, the Sierra Designs Long Sleeve Solar Wind Shirt will protect you from the sun and light winds, while keeping you stylish and cool. Come spring time, I am looking forward to wearing this new hiking shirt regularly! This is a new staple in Hiking Lady’s wardrobe!

Happy trails!


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