OMM Kamleika Smock Review

OMM Smock A marathon in the mountains? Now that sounds like my kind of marathon! In the United Kingdom the Original Mountain Marathon Company (OMM) has been organizing these marathons for a few decades. Adventure racers conquer picturesque yet challenging miles of terrain through the mountains.

This company sponsoring these annual races also manufactures some apparel and gear; highly technical stuff that suits the needs of guys and gals running 50+ miles in the rainy and wet British Isles.

I was asked to test one of their Kamleika Smocks, and let me say when the package arrived from the U.K., I was immediately impressed before I even put it on. The “smock” is what would be called a waterproof outlayer. But this one is designed to be lightweight, extremely water resistant, and highly functional for intense conditions. I’d call it a perfect addition to any hiker’s pack! If it were distributed in the U.S. I know that trail runners and city runners alike would love this product!

Putting it to the test

  • The coolest thing about the smock is the extreme water repellency. Here I am testing it – watch how the water beads right off!

Here’s what makes the OMM Smock so great:

  • Extremely soft fabric. It is soft to the touch, very stretchy (rare quality for a waterproof layer) and extremely quiet. A lot of water resistant and water proof apparel gets noisy as the fabric rubs. That’s not what I want to be hearing as I’m on a peaceful hike or trail run!
  • Fully taped seams. Talk about waterproof! I tested mine on a misty Southern California day, and I was bone dry at the end of my hike. I then decided to turn on the sink and test to see how the Kamleika Smock could handle a steady downpour… it just beaded up and rolled right off! Unbelievable!

And what I think could be improved:

  • Reflective decals. The reflective decals on the arms and back are a great idea for safety reasons, but I found that when I wore the smock on a night run, the decals weren’t as reflective as I would have expected.

Other features:

  • Well designed hood. The hood has a stiff brim to keep out rain and sun, but it also rolls up when not in use.
  • Thumb loops. I love this feature! A lot of running and yoga wear have these nowadays and it definitely helps keep your hands protected from the elements.
  • Extra long length. I can’t wait to test this out on a rainy day cycling. The back of the smock comes down over my rear, but if I don’t need it that long, there is a cinch cord that will keep it snugly at waist length.

If you’re in the U.K., there are several places to buy OMM products: U.K. list. It isn’t distributed in the U.S., but I’ll keep you apprised as to when they start selling their products stateside!

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  1. Alan Kernighan says:

    Hi Carol, Great Write up as always. I am actually from Britain and have entered a few of the OMM Events myself. They are always challenging, however the scenery is usually extremely beautiful, and the rain on the fells often keeps it fresh! the Kamleika stuff is pretty popular over here and I have the OMM Kamleika Jacket like this one but blue – I really like it and as you say it is lightweight and stretchy, perfect for running and mountain biking. Anyway keep up the good work. Alan

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