Mountain Khakis Women’s Mystic Shirt Review

Mountain Khakis LogoI have found my new favorite hiking shirt – the Mountain Khakis Women’s Mystic Shirt!

Mountain Khakis is an apparel brand with the mission of being “the best mountain-inspired lifestyle-apparel brand. Period.” That sums it up! They really focus on making their products rugged, yet fashionable. Their line is a mix of lifestyle products and more technical options for outdoor adventures!

I’ve been trying out the Mountain Khakis Mystic Shirt, and love it! I rarely say that about any one item, but I rarely see clothing made this well any more.

What is so great about the Mountain Khakis Mystic Shirt?

    • Stylish and flattering.
Hiking Lady wearing the Mountain Khakis Women's Mystic Shirt
Hiking Lady wearing the Mountain Khakis Women’s Mystic Shirt
    • Very comfortable. The Women’s Mystic Shirt feels like cotton, but it is actually 100% polyester so it is quick drying and Hiking Lady approved for hiking and backpacking adventures. My other button down hiking tops all have almost a “plastic-y” feel, and are purely for hiking. I’ve been wearing this top around town, grocery shopping, and on the trail. Good thing it is machine washable!
    • Extremely well made. Look at the detailing – even the Mountain Khakis buffalo logo is well done!
Mountain Khakis buffalo logo
The Mystic shirt is well made; I am impressed by the detailing, including the Mountain Khakis buffalo logo!
  • UPF sun protection. UPF 40 rated, meaning that the weave is tight and provides excellent protection from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.
  • Roll-up sleeve tabs. This is to be expected in all long sleeve hiking tops; I only buy ones that have this feature!

Overall this is a great women’s hiking top, and you’ll be seeing me on the trail wearing my Mountain Khakis Mystic Shirt regularly!

Happy trails!


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