Haeleum: Protection from Bugs!

Haeleum Oretta t-shirt

There is a new kid on the insect repellency apparel block…Haeleum!

For those of us who spend a lot of time in the outdoors, having reliable insect repellent apparel is a must. ExOfficio has been in the market for awhile, and Columbia Sportswear is a more recent entrant. Now a new company called Haeleum is licensing the same, proven, Insect Shield technology, and is the only company that exclusively manufactures insect repellent apparel.

All of Haeleum’s products are moisture-wicking technical apparel for men and women with Insect Shield technology.

How it Works

Insect Shield uses what is called Permethrin, a man-made version of a natural insect repellent that is found in certain chrysanthemum plants. It is tightly bound to the fabric fibers, so unlike DEET and other toxic repellents, it is safe. It helps keep away mosquitos, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and more! With increasing incidences of dangerous West Nile virus and Lyme disease, it is even more important for those who love the outdoors to make sure to have proper bug protection.


  • It works! I’ve been testing the Oretta wicking t-shirt as someone who is well-loved by bugs, I can attest to the shirts’ usefulness. I haven’t had a chance to test it during the heart of mosquito season (July in the Sierra Nevada mountains is always a good time to go see mosquitoes! haha), but on several local hikes and trail runs I’ve been able to test the shirts’ wicking ability and insect repellency. So far so good!
  • Sun protection. Haeleum’s Oretta t-shirt has a UPF 30 rating, which means that the weave is tight and offers much better protection from the sun than a non-UPF rated wicking t-shirt.
Testing the Haeleum Oretta t-shirt
Testing the Haeleum Oretta t-shirt


  • Price. Haeleum’s apparel is priced a bit higher than ExOfficio’s Bugs Away t-shirt, which is priced at $30.00 versus $34.98 for the Haeleum Oretta. However, the Haeleum products are 100% wicking…unlike the ExOfficio Bugs Away t-shirts, which are made of 60% cotton.
  • Odor. Similar to some other wicking apparel, the Haeleum Oretta does not eliminate odor.


  • How to Buy: Online at Haeleum.com or Amazon.com
  • Price: $34.98
  • Care: Can be machine washed normally; insect repellency will last 70 launderings (which is typically about the life of the t-shirt.

Want to keep the bugs away with a highly technical, wicking t-shirt? The Oretta is a great choice for a base layer for your regular trail runs or your next outdoor adventure.

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  1. Trail Walker says:

    Good looking top and Very practicle as well; Thanks for the reminder, bugs (insects) can sure spoil a good hike.

    Thanks again HL.


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