National Parks: America’s Best Idea

National Parks America's Best Idea

In 2009, acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns released a new documentary, National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

I am sure many of you got to watch it on public television, and enjoy the 12 hour series that provided a great historical context to America’s national parks.

I thoroughly enjoyed America’s Best Idea, yet I was hoping for even more. It was so highly anticipated that I set my expectations too high. While I absolutely love history, I found the series to be almost overloaded with facts and the historical context of the parks, with less of the amazing modern day footage I was expecting.

Nevertheless, it is a wonderful series, and it sure makes me want to get outside and explore even more of America’s National Parks! I’ve been to many, but I can’t seem to quench my thrist for the breathtaking views of places like Yosemite Valley to the amazing hiking through Bryce Canyon National Parks, and the natural beauty of Acadia National Park.

Ah, so many wonderful places to enjoy nature and go hiking!

Ken Burn’s America’s Best Idea Series:

  • Episode 1: THE SCRIPTURE OF NATURE. 1851-1890.
  • Episode 2: THE LAST REFUGE. 1890-1915.
  • Episode 3: THE EMPIRE OF GRANDEUR. 1915-1919.
  • Episode 4: GOING HOME. 1920-1933.
  • Episode 5: GREAT NATURE. 1933-1945.
  • Episode 6: THE MORNING OF CREATION. 1946-1980.
  • Hiking Lady’s Recommendation: 4 of 5 stars

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