The Nomadik Subscription Box Review

The Nomadik Subscription BoxSubscription boxes are quite popular these days.  They are creative and a perfect gift idea for that person that loves something in particular (i.e., hiking), but you just don’t know exactly what to get them!  Simply put, you pay a monthly fee and get a box of outdoor goodies mailed to you each month.  Because the subscription company buys in bulk, you generally end up getting a lot of that value passed on to you.  Today I’m focusing in on The Nomadik Subscription Box, a newer subscription box company that offers a couple of points of differentiation from the competition: the gear is “customized” to your interests, and you can  “skip any month” and just pay for what ships.

In the past I’ve reviewed the Cairn Subscription box when it first came out, and again after a couple of years of them refining the business.  Today I’ll take a deeper dive into The Nomadix Subscription Box and let you know what I think!

Hiking Lady’s Review of the sample Nomadix Subscription Box

This month Nomadik sent out a box called The Minimalist! It was exciting to receive it in the mail, not knowing what was inside until I opened it (I love the surprise element of a subscription box!).  When I opened it, I was taken aback that there were only three items.  However, given that the box was called The Minimalist, perhaps more than three items wouldn’t be so “minimalist”?

Inside were the following items: M100 Multi Tool by Tactica, Emergency Blanket by 1Tac, and a Wilderness Survival Card 2.0. Not only had a never tried any of these products before, but I wasn’t even familiar with them, so it was a fun way to be introduced!

The Nomadik Subscription Box
Three items inside
The Tactica M100 Multi Tool
The capabilities of the M100 Multi Tool
Wilderness Survival Card 2.0
Another view of what was included with the Wilderness Survival Card 2.0
1Tac Emergency Blanket


Is A Nomadik Subscription Box a Good Value?

The total retail value of the items in the box based on my calculations was $59.68. Nomadik boxes start at $29.99, and have UP TO $70.00 in retail value in each box. The $29.99 pricing is for a 12 month subscription (i.e., paying $359.88 up front). The most expensive option is $32.95 for monthly billing. See below for a screenshot of their pricing plans:

The Nomadik Box Plans

I decided to check the retail prices of the component items in the Nomadik box and this is what I found out:

Item: Retail Price of Item: Online Prices Found:
Emergency Blanket by 1Tac $9.99 I was unable to find this emergency blanket for sale anywhere on the Internet, but it appears that at it was last sold for for $9.99 with an original list price of $39.96 (it’s unclear if they ever sold any at that price).
M100 Multi Tool by Tactica $39.95 This nifty multi-tool is currently available at Amazon for $39.95.
Wilderness Survival Card 2.0 $9.74 The Wilderness Survival Card is available from the manufacturer, ReadyMan, for $9.74 with a retail list price of $12.99.


Conclusion: Should You Consider A Nomadik Subscription Box?

Based on my limited test of receiving one box, the Nomadik Subscription Box seems to be a good value and a fun way to get introduced to new products. While I’m not particularly thrilled with the Multi Tool by Tactica (it truly is minimalist, but sometimes bulkier things are much easier to use), the three products are all unique and clearly useful.

Have you tried an outdoor subscription box?  What do you think of it?

Happy trails!



  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Great insight, Carolyn. I only did one month, and as I noted in my review I was quite disappointed with the “main” item of the month. It sounds like you had a horrible experience! Thanks for letting everyone know. Have you tried Cairn subscription boxes? I’ve tried them twice with good experiences.
    Happy trails!

  2. Carolyn M. Ayers says:

    I tried it. More misses than hits. Never came close to the up to $70. But their customer service when I tried to cancel was the worst! I highly suggest you let this one go.

  3. Donna says:

    Hello Hiking Lady…no I haven’t tried an outdoor subscription box but I think it’s a great idea.
    Thank you again with all of your help with thoughts related to hiking!!

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