Ever Thought About Trekking in Armenia and Georgia?

Hiking in Armenia and Georgia

In an area of the world not typically mentioned at the top of Best Hikes and Places to Go lists is a plethora of gorgeous landscapes, thousands of years of history, and loads of hikeable trails.

Check out the just published article in Hiking Lady’s Outdoor Fun: Places to Go: Trekking in Armenia and Georgia to learn more!


  1. AdventureArmenia provides you an exclusive hiking tour with English speaking tour guide. This tour is designed for the active traveler who takes pleasure in exploring both the culture and environment. The trip also includes time for sightseeing in the beautiful cities of Armenia and Georgia, mt Aragats and Kazbeki, Khndoresk and Vardzia cave towns.

  2. Vlad Valen says:

    What wonderful photos in your article! It feels like you are very fond of visiting these places. Indeed, in Georgia there are so many beautiful picturesque places, suitable both for active rest and for walking. In your article you can learn a lot about the history and culture of this country. I really wanted to visit these fabulous places.

  3. Cody Diaz says:

    Armenia, and Georgia can boast of a nature. Almost in every corner of the country you can find landscapes worthy of admiration. If you are interested in beach rest and the opportunity to swim, there are many more resorts on the Black Sea coast in Georgia.

  4. Yan Kobec says:

    Interesting article. In general, I like to have a rest in Georgia, I go several times a year. And not long ago I visited Armenia. These are my two favorite countries. Every time I visit them, I discover a lot of interesting places. Fascinating is simple!

  5. Georgia is a great place to visit with lot of untapped resources. It has got so many best hiking places, which are not mentioned in the hiking maps of world hikers. It was very interesting to go through you article : Hiking Lady’s Outdoor Fun: Places to Go: Trekking in Armenia and Georgia. One of my friends gone recently to Georgia, like you she has captured so many stunning mountain shots near Tbilisi. It is a worth place to experience the wilderness. I rarely have seen some articles about Georgia (country). Thanks for sharing this moments.

  6. Donna says:

    I just read this most recent article about Armenia and Georgia. The photos are gorgeous.
    You certainly have a sense of adventure! Thank you for sharing this great review.

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