Must Have REI Gear This Fall!

Has your hiking apparel seen its last days?  After hundreds of washes, thousands of trail miles, and lots of wonderful memories, it might be time to say goodbye to some of your gear and upgrade this Fall.  I often find it hard to part with old things; perhaps it is the combination of my love of the environment and frugality. Regardless, everyone (including me!) needs a wardrobe and gear upgrade every few years.  If it is that time for you, then you have to check out my new gear from REI Co-op!

REI Co-op Talusphere Rain Jacket and Pants
REI Co-op Traverse Cork trekking poles
Talusphere Pants
Zippered cuffs on the REI Co-op Talusphere Pants
REI Co-op Talusphere Jacket
REI Co-op Tech 1/4 Zip Women’s Top, $39.50.
Love my new REI Co-op Tech 1/4 Zip top. Perfect Baselayer for Fall!

My favorite REI Co-op gear this Fall:

  •  REI Co-op Tech 1/4 Zip Women’s Top. What I love about this 1/4 Zip baselayer is that it feels like I’m naked when I wear it.  Yes, you heard that right!  It is so lightweight and soft to the touch that it truly feels like nothing is on.  Yet there it is, providing great protection from the elements, combined with breathability and UPF sun protection at a reasonable price point. $39.50.
  •  REI Co-op Talusphere Rain Jacket Light, high tech, and ideal for those of us who hike with a backpack on! This jacket has conveniently located chest pockets so that do not interfere with the hip belt of a backpack. I also love the adjustable cuffs, adjustable hem drawcord, and seam free shoulder design.  That means nothing to rub against the shoulder straps of your backpack. Plus, it is hard to find “pit zips” to ventilate your armpits as temperatures change, and the Talusphere delivers on that too.  REI did a fantastic job paying attention to detail with this jacket., $149.00.
  •  REI Co-op Talusphere Pants.  Why not match and have the Talusphere pants to go with the jacket?  That’s what I did!  These rain pants are super high tech…they have everything that a high tech hiker and backpacker would need to protect her from the elements: waterproof REI Elements fabric and ankle zips (so you can quickly and easily slip these on over hiking pants or leggings when the weather changes, without removing your muddy boots).  These come in Petite sizes too!, $89.50.
  •  REI Co-op Traverse Cork Poles.  I decided I wanted trekking poles that were simple to adjust with a reliable external locking mechanism.  My last pair used a twist locking mechanism, which, over time, became somewhat unreliable.  These are high quality, and are made by the highly reputable Austrian brand Komperdell, exclusively for REI.  These are a women’s specific design, which means they are lighter, shorter, and have smaller grips than the unisex poles., $99.95.

Happy shopping and happy trails!


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  1. Wayne says:

    Another professional article from the Hiking Lady! As usual, interesting and helpful. HAve to get after my hiking gear and clean it all up. BTW, I found that a water bladder from ‘The Source’ has an antibacterial material. UNLIKE my other bladders, this one doesn’t go balck and cruddy in a few days. Have kept unchlorinated water in it for over a month with no ‘scuzzy’ effects. Gave a couple to a niece who used in as an Outward Bound manager and leader and she used it for over 3 years until she lost it – she LOVED it over the Camelback. My military friends got some and they’ve used them all over the world. Thanks for the great articles.

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    Yes, I love this rain jacket! Especially the convenience of the pockets that sit just above the hip belt on my hiking backpack!

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