Enjoying Southern California Wildflowers with Hiking Baby

Today was a gorgeous Sunday in Southern California, and with the spring wildflowers in full bloom, it was an ideal time to hit the trails with Hiking Baby! We had the entire afternoon to enjoy it all since he took a nice long morning nap!

Hiking Lady and Hiking Baby
Hiking Lady and Hiking Baby enjoying springtime wildflowers

We headed to the hills of northern Orange County, and hiked the horse trails that are extremely well maintained and traversed right through some gorgeous wildflower blooms.

Tips for Hiking with A 13 Month Old

Hiking Baby is now a 13 month old wobbly toddler, so there are new challenges (and lots of fun!) when it comes to hiking with him. Our Thule Urban Glide Trail stroller comes in very handy, as does his new snack tray and cup holder that I purchased for him a few months ago. Now that he’s toddling around (and loves practicing walking everywhere he goes), our hikes require more frequent stops, with time to observe plants, flowers, dirt, leaves, rocks, lizards, and anything else that might catch the eye of curious little Hiking Baby. As any mother of a 13 month old would understand, babies love to touch and taste everything!

Here are some tips I’d like to share to help all hiking mommies and daddies out there!

  • Stop every 20-30 minutes so your new toddler can touch a flower, leaf, rock, etc. It keeps it interesting for him/her
  • Bring along plenty of extra water and snacks. Just because you’re doing the stroller pushing or child carrier carrying, your little one needs to stay well hydrated and nourished too. A sippy cup and finger foods are mandatory! Hiking Baby’s favorite (organic of course) easy to hike with munchies are the Happy Baby Organics Puffs.
  • Talk to your baby and point out what you’re seeing. It makes it more fun for both of you!
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen for you and your little one. Hiking Baby likes Neutrogena’s Pure and Free Baby Sunscreen (my dermatologist recommended it for Hiking Baby)
  • Be patient, and have fun! Hikes go slower with a little one along, but enjoy this special time you’re sharing with your baby. You’re nurturing his or her love for the outdoors!

Happy trails!


  1. Hiking with a 13-month-old, it will be a thrilling experience. But you have practically discussed the tips and ideas to make the kids happy during hiking.

  2. Those who keep hiking as a passion for life will enjoy hiking with their small ones. Your practical tips will be very useful. It seems you both enjoyed the trip well. Happy hiking..

  3. Lovely tips HikingLady. I especially love the one about letting your little one interact with a flower, leaf, rock etc. We take this stuff for granted and sometimes overlook the little things while looking for something big to do while on a camping/hiking trip!

  4. Julie says:

    Hi Carol,
    I just found your blog and I’ve found every article I’ve read very helpful.
    Loved your tips and thank you for sharing.
    Will be shared this with my tribe too.

  5. Carl says:

    Hiking Baby appears to be quite relaxed in that Thule stroller! I see several of the moms around here taking their babies for a run with those.

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