Water Purification Simple and Easy

SteriPEN Adventurer Opti
I have tried numerous water purification devices over the years…pumps, tablets, and almost every UV lighted SteriPEN the company has developed. Hands down, my favorite is the SteriPEN Adventurer Opti. As you get ready for your summer backpacking and camping adventures, you should pick one of these up. Even if it is just for your home or car emergency kit.

Our friends at Massdrop asked me to bring your attention that they have just announced a “drop” of SteriPEN Adventurer Opti’s for just $59.99! Keep in mind this model normally costs $89.98 if you were to buy it at REI, and $71.98 if you used your 20% off limited time member coupon.

Why I love my SteriPEN Adventurer Opti?

First off, check out this comprehensive Hiking Lady Review: SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Put to the Test. You’ll find out exactly why I am a HUGE fan of SteriPENs.
Then, check out my video, How to Use a SteriPEN to Treat Water. In one minute you’ll see the basics of how to use a SteriPEN.

Lastly, check out the “drop” on Massdrop and if you think a SteriPEN would be a good fit for your adventure kit, then sign up to buy one! I haven’t yet seen a new SteriPEN Adventurer Opti sold for a cheaper price than it is on Massdrop.

What is Massdrop?!

For those of you who don’t know Massdrop, they are a San Francisco based group purchasing site, where community members can discuss the best gear, vote on what they want to see “dropped” in price, then buy products at a highly discounted price. Pretty cool, huh!? The best part is that you sign up for free (no catches – I know since I’ve done it myself), and join the “communities” of interest to you. Obviously, I joined the “Outdoors” and “Ultralight” Hubs.

Hope this is helpful because I want all of you to get great deals! The only thing better than hiking is finding great deals on hiking gear ?

Happy trails!

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