Gear Up for Fall with Dachstein Woolwear!

Dachstein Woolwear makes fine woolens that are made to last a lifetime.

Our friends at Sweater Chalet have offered Hiking Lady readers some amazing prizes. Winners choose size and colors!

Dachstein Woolwear Socks
Dachstein Woolwear Socks

Five Prizes for Hiking Lady Readers!!



I had a chance to test out some Dachstein Woolwear products, and now you can have a chance to win some for yourself.

Enter the October Gear Giveaway by writing a comment below for your chance to win.

Five lucky winners will be chosen and announced November 10, 2016. How do you enter? Simply leave a comment below with a brief answer to “What piece of gear or clothing has lasted the longest for you? When did you get it and what kind of adventures has it survived?”

The prize winners will just send a selfie of their toes staying warm in Dachstein socks, or their hands keeping cozy in the Dachstein mittens, etc.

Want to learn more about socks for specific outdoor activities?  Check out Hiking 101: Socks & Sock Liners, as well as the GearWeare website’s page about the Best Hiking Socks, Gear Hunt’s info about Hunting Sock Reviews, and Runner Click’s page about the best Compression Running Socks.

Happy trails!

Update: Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Kate Turner, Andy Zahn, Constance Bhardwaj, Annette McRay, and Aysha H who each won selected Dachstein Woolwear! Enjoy, and thank to everyone who entered. Happy trails!


  1. Sheila Roote says:

    Hi I’m a little late for the contest, but it’s great to find your review of the Dachstein wool items. I have a pair of felted wool mittens very similar to the Dachstein mittens which I have had for 30+ years and they are still going strong. I recently found the Sweater Chalet store online and ordered three pairs of their mittens as gifts for Christmas. Can’t say enough good things about them.

  2. Kate Turner says:

    My thick hairy wool balaclava is always in my pack. It might be hairy and itchy, and make me look stupid & like a criminal – but it’s so warm. I’ve had it so long it seems like forever. My most memorable use of it was while on a high mountain trip where we snow-holed rather than used tents. It was so cold I wore the balaclava all night.

  3. Erlinda says:

    A purple fleece pull over and a “no boundaries” backpack I got for college that I use for hiking. Both are more than 20 years old and are still in use.

  4. Morgan says:

    My prana hiking pants have been with me since I first started to really adventure in the outdoors. They’ve been on nearly every camp/hike/climb/ and more. I bought them almost 6 years ago to go backpacking in Virginia for several weeks on the trip that I fell in love with my now husband. I just recently wore them in Ireland on our honeymoon!

  5. Bonnie Waugh says:

    My Timberland all leather Hiking boots that I wear with my all wool socks. Only have 1 pair of them and they are starting to get thin. Sure would love to win a new pair. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Rommel says:

    Mine is a smart wool quarter zip sweater. It has a couple of holes in it due to snags on branches but I refuse to let it go. It’s just so warm and light.

  7. Andy Zahn says:

    My Danner hiking boots have been a faithful companion for me on countless adventures. I bought them from the Danner boot factory itself the year I graduated from high school. They have been dragged through swamps, to the top of mountains, and across torrential glacial streams. They have tread lightly in the mossy forest halls of the Hoh River, and have put fresh prints on the shining surface of high alpine snow fields. On one off trail scramble in Idaho they may very well have saved my life as I and my uncle inched our way up and down slick granite slabs above high cliffs. Worn as they now are they still serve me well no matter where I wander.

  8. Jan says:

    I have a pair of Asolo Hiking/Backpacking boots that are around 20 years old!! They are solid as a rock. The leather looks old and worn but the Vibram soles are still excellent. I use them for winter hiking because they keep my feet warm and are fairly waterproof and breathable. I also use them for backpacking because they offer great stability. These boots have climbed Mt Washington, hiked in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and have been backpacking in Algonquin Park in Ontario.

  9. Annette McRay says:

    I have two pieces of clothing that I take with me on all my adventures. They have lasted me at least 5+ years. The first is a pair of wool socks that I use only for sleeping. They always keep my feet very warm at night. However, they now have a couple of holes in them and I have been looking for an equivalent replacement (hint, hint). The second piece of clothing is my balaclava. I also sleep in it at night and have also worn it while hiking in very windy conditions. I love it because it has protected me from harsh blowing winds, frigid snowy mornings, and also keeps me warm at night. I wore both my wool socks and balaclava when I hiked the PCT this past summer.

  10. spendl says:

    I still have my first pocket knife that my dad gave me…that was over 40years ago!
    I love it and it always reminds me of the time we spent out in the bush.

  11. Lori says:

    My Camelbak 2L hydration pack has been with me the longest, about 15 years. In fact it was really the only piece of “gear” I had for a long time. I have replaced the tube and the bite valve on it but that is it. Most amazing is that it has survived about 8 moves across a bunch of states.

  12. Jillian Too says:

    My CamelBak pack from my college days has survived despite all my outdoor adventures and road trips.

  13. Heather McKenzie says:

    What a great prize!!! My longest lasting piece of gear would have to be my leatherman. My dad handed it down to me a few years ago,and he used it daily before that. I feel like MacGyver with that thing!

  14. Bonnie Johnson says:

    As a kid, many years ago, I refused to wear wool because it was itchy. I’ve rediscovered wool in the last few years – now it’s itch free, warm but doesn’t overheat, and works even when wet. I love wool! I’m happy to check out a new company. What a great giveaway!

  15. Emma Ashwin says:

    I bought a pair of TwinSkin running socks for when I did the Shine walking Marathon in 2013. I didn’t have a single blister or foot complaint on the night and the marathon actually ended up being 33 miles in the end! My feet stay warm, dry and blister free on any hike whether its 3 miles or 10. I love them and would panic if I went away to the Lakes without them!

  16. Frank says:

    By the way, this winter I am planning to hike the Great Wall in China every weekend (i am currently base in Beijing), and those wool socks could really do their goods 🙂

  17. Frank says:

    For a person new to the hiking world, I would say my Black Diamond hiking poles.
    At first I wasnt going to buy them for the cost, but then after I picked them up and realized the light weight…..I simply can’t let go of them.
    They helped me finished my first Oxfam Trailwalkers event in Japan a few months ago and finished a 100km hike in 38 hours! I am so proud of that.

  18. Caroline Szendey says:

    I still have my mess kit from my very first girl scout camping trip. I have now in the past year switched over to slightly better light weight bowls but it still makes me feel happy to see that an item I was given over ten years ago would go through so much.

  19. Aysha H says:

    Definitely, my Columbia jacket. I bought it a couple of years ago at a garage sale for 5 bucks – best decision ever. It’s been with me to the cold Canada winters, the chilly desert nights in Joshua Tree and the beautiful backcountry in Escalante. It’s still as good as new and now, I’m planning on bringing it along for a trip through the JMT this summer.

  20. Heather says:

    My mind went straight to my La Sportiva fire boots. Since their purchase in 2012, I haven’t complained of blisters, wet feet, nor sore feet from fire camp to fire camp in several western states (I’d also like to acknowledge the insoles, their thankless companions).

  21. Sharon says:

    I have some Timberland boots that lasted me 10+ years, and they’re walked in bunches of places, from Louisiana to Canada. My tootsies would love some Dachstein wool socks!

  22. Sherry says:

    My hiking backpack has lasted the longest for me. I got it 5 years ago and it’s survived multiple trips to Glacier National Park, Joshua Tree, and too many hikes around the US to count.

  23. Chelsea Michael says:

    The longest lasting piece of gear I own is my SHOELACES. Yes, SHOELACES. I wear kevlar laces that have lasted me through two pairs of boots, under the daily demand of work as a forester and wildland firefighter!

  24. Jill Smythe says:

    Always loved Dachstein woollies. Put me in the hat please – or the mitts – or the gloves – or the socks

  25. Heidi Senderovitz says:

    I have a long-sleeved baselayer top that I have worn to shreds … I wore it day and night for 17 days in Nepal. I have bought a new one – same colour, same brand (Purelime) – but it just doesn’t feel the same. So I still wear the old one. 🙂 Anyway, would love to win some woollen stuff from Dachstein!

  26. Courtney Prothero says:

    I have a merino pull over made by the company Luna, which sadly makes clothes no more. But it has tons of hiking and biking miles on it and I still carry it with me on almost every backpacking trip.

  27. Constance Bhardwaj says:

    Steel toe Justin pull on boots, I needed an easy pull on because of some past injuries messing with my nerves and back. They’ve lasted a few years now and have traveled with me thru 5 country’s and 2 continents. I’ve gone hiking, motorcycling and have even slept in them. Just change the socks for the seasons and keep on keeping on.

  28. Bonnie Vinson says:

    I still have my 1st pocket rocket stove. Replaced a part that worn out and it is still lightening up to boil my water. My wool socks all have holes in big toe, but nothing that thread can’t fix.

  29. April says:

    My first trail equipment, wool socks! Since I’ve just stepped up my game three years ago, they are still going strong, but I can always use another pair!

  30. Bonnie Waugh says:

    My Timberland Hiking. Boots that I love to wear with thick wool socks because they make my boots fit so much better. Plus they keep my feet warm in the Spring, Fall and winter…but cool in the summer.

  31. Annette says:

    Love me some wool socks! Looking to replace a pair I have had for 5 years. They now have holes in them. I will put the new ones to good use for many years!

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