Hiking Baby’s Holiday Gift Guide

Want to take your baby outside in nature with you? How about taking your little one along in a trail ready stroller or in a child carrier?  With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about making New Year’s Resolutions to spend more time with family. So get your little ones geared up and hit the trail! Check out Hiking Baby’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Hiking Related Gifts Under $50

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Non-Scents Review
CLIF Bar Kid Organic Z Bar
CLIF Bar Kid Organic Z Bar
CLIF Bar Kids Protein
CLIF Bar Kids Protein
CLIF Bar Kid Organic Fruit Rope
CLIF Bar Kid Organic Fruit Rope
Injinji Kids Lightweight Micro Socks
Injinji Kids Lightweight Micro Socks, $10.00
Injinji Kids Lightweight Micro Socks, Pink, $10.00
Injinji Kids Lightweight Micro Socks, Pink, $10.00
Adventure Medical Kit Family First Aid Kit
Adventure Medical Kit Family First Aid, Retails for $30.00
Adventure Medical Kit Family First Aid Review
Adventure Medical Kit Family First Aid, $30.00
Butler Boots Review
  •  Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Non-Scents Body Wash and Shampoo. This is how your baby (and your whole family!) can stay clean safely. Forget the chemicals in regular body washes and shampoos…Earth Mama’s Natural Non-Scents Shampoo and Body Wash is a great stocking stuffer this holiday! Read the Hiking Baby review here. Earth Mama Angel Baby, $9.99.
  •  CLIF Bar Kids! What better stocking stuffer that CLIF Kid Organic Z Bars, Organic Fruit & Veggie Ropes, and some fun holiday CLIF Bar flavors like Spiced Pumkpin Pie and Hot Chocolate for the grown ups! Prices vary per bar and snack: Amazon, $0.78+
  •  Injinji Socks for your Child! Any reader of Hiking Lady knows how much I love Injinji toe socks. Now they are available in kids sizes, so your little ones’ tootsies can enjoy the same benefits including using natural foot mechanics and better balance, plus blister prevention! Amazon, $10.00
  •  Adventure Medical Kit: Family First Aid! Readers of Hiking Lady also know how I like Adventure Medical Kits, Adventure Medical Kits. For adventurous families, Adventure Medical makes a Family First Aid kit, which includes necessary first aid as well as the guide, Caring for Your Children in the Outdoors. Definitely Hiking Baby approved! Amazon, $30.00
  •  Butler Boots. These ingenious overboots enable your toddler to play in the mud or dirt on an outdoor adventure, and not ruin his or her shoes. Butler Boots go over your child’s shoes, and not only do they protect their footwear but they also keeps their feet and socks dry when they unexpectedly decide to jump in a puddle!  Amazon, $35.00-49.00

Hiking Related Gifts $50-$100

Woolpower Kid Zip Turtleneck 200 Review
Woolpower Kid Zip Turtleneck 200, $75
  • Woolpower’s KIDS Zip Turtleneck 200 is a unisex top just like the adult version, made of high quality comfortable merino wool! Keep them comfy and warm on Fall and Winter days or cool summer evenings. Woolpower Kids, $75.
  • 7 AM Enfant’s Easy Cover Fleece is a cozy must have on a cool fall and winter days for babies and toddlers. It is most useful when your little one is enjoying a hike with you from the comfort of a stroller, and when they’re in their car seat headed to the next family adventure . This adorable microfleece cover has sleeves for your little one to snack or play, and the open back makes it extremely safe. When in a car seat, blankets and fleeces should NOT ever go behind your child, or else the straps will not have a proper, snug fit. Note that it comes in 2 sizes. 7 AM Enfant, $59.

Hiking Related Gifts $100+

    • Thule’s Urban Glide Stroller Want to take your little one on an adventure? Then you’ll need one of these Thule Urban Glide strollers to handle off road terrain. With a front wheel that can be either fixed or moveable, you can use this around town or on a moderate trail. There is even a suspension system to make the ride comfortable for baby! REI, $399.

Happy trails and happy holidays!


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