Hiking With Your Baby!

For all of you “hiking ladies” out there, some of you are “hiking mothers”. One very special and enjoyable activity for a Mom and Baby is hiking!

Exploring the outdoors with your baby is a great way to bond with your child, enjoy nature, and get some exercise.

Tips for Hiking With A Baby:

Stokke MyCarrier Cool
Stokke MyCarrier Cool
  • Don’t hike until your child it at least a few months old. Keep your little one safe at home until they are at least one month old.
  • Keep your baby well protected from the sun. A good UPF rated hat and light weight blanket are essential in all weather conditions.
  • Only hike in good weather.
  • Check on your baby regularly.
  • Plan lots of extra time! Babies need attention, and the extra weight you’re carrying will slow down Mom (or Dad) too.


Gear You’ll Need for Hiking With A Baby:

Baby Hiking Gear
Winter and Summer Baby hiking gear: 7 AM Enfant’s Doudoune and Coolibar UPF 50+ rated Splashy Hat and ZnO Sun Blanket


Hiking Lady’s Favorite Baby Hiking Gear:

7AM Enfant Doudoune
Coolibar ZnO Baby Sun Blanket
Coolibar Baby Splashy Bucket Hat
Stokke's MyCarrier Cool

7 AM Enfant's Doudoune7 AM Enfant’s Doudoune: 7 AM Enfant, the adorable baby line founded by a French designer, makes this cozy snowsuit for cold weather conditions. There are side zippers for easy access for diaper changing needs, double snaps from the baby’s inner thighs to feet, and a soft and cozy micro-fleece lining. This is an easy way to keep your baby warm on a cold morning! Check out more at 7 AM Enfant’s website.

Stokke's MyCarrier CoolStokke’s MyCarrier Cool: The Scandinavian children’s equipment company Stokke makes innovative and ergonomic gear for families that love to hike! Their MyCarrier Cool can be used for babies up to 3 years old! Yes, it can switch from a front carrier to a back carrier. The waistbelt is designed well for Mom, and the materials are from organic fibers. The MyCarrier Cool enables both Mom and baby to be comfortable on the trail. More info on Stokke’s website.

Coolibar Baby Splashy HatCoolibar Baby Splashy Hat: Coolibar develops high quality sun protective clothing and accessories, so they are naturally one we can rely on for UPF rated sun hats for babies! It is packable, washable, and the chin strap is made of non-scratch Velcro so your little one doesn’t get chin irritation. More info at Coolibar’s website.

Coolibar ZnO Baby Sun BlanketCoolibar ZnO Baby Sun Blanket: Babies get cold, and even the slightest breeze on a warm days means that you should have a Coolibar ZnO Baby Sun Blanket with you. Blocking out harmful sun rays with its UPF 50+ rating, it is a soft, lightweight, washable, mush have for hikes with your baby! More info at Coolibar’s website.

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  1. Jenna says:

    I have the Coolibar sun hat for my baby and she loves it! I always try to buy UPF protective clothing for our outdoor activities. The winter snowsuit is so cute!’ I’ll look into that for my baby.

  2. Bobbi C says:

    Thanks for the information; cute stuff for the babies to wear “hiking”.

    What a excellent idea that is in taking the babies or children on early hikes, a great way to introduce them to nature an the wonderment of nature.

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