Resoling Hiking Boots

A frequent question I get as the Editor of Hiking Lady is about resoling hiking boots. Many of you have asked, wanting to know if it is even possible to get your old, favorite, broken in pair of hiking boots resoled, especially if they have Vibram soles.

Until recently, I had never had a pair of my own boots resoled, but directed you loyal readers to cobbler recommended by REI. (See Ask Hiking Lady: Resoling Hiking Boots).

My well loved Asolo Styngers finally saw the rubber Vibram soles slip away from the shoe.

Asolo soles detached
Asolo soles detached

So I reached out to Asolo and asked which cobblers they recommend to consumers. A very friendly customer service representative directed me to Resole America in Warrenton, Virginia. Off my boots went in the mail, and a couple of weeks later look what I got back – brand new Vibram soles on my very old pair of Asolo Styngers:

My hiking boots, resoled!
My hiking boots, resoled!
Asolo boots with new Vibram soles
Asolo boots with new Vibram sole~

It sure is nice to have my boots back, and not need to break them in again. I now know first hand that is not only possible, but affordable, to have your well-loved hiking boots resoled.

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