Getting Ready for the Channel Islands!

Greetings friends,

I am planning an exciting adventure! I will be camping and hiking on Santa Cruz Island, one of the gorgeous islands off of California’s coastline just west of Los Angeles.

Channel Islands, National Park Service
Channel Islands, National Park Service

The Channel Islands are protected by the National Park Service, and remind us of what coastal California looked like before the urban sprawl. Pristine coastlines, wildflowers, solitude…I can’t wait to go!

I’ll be referencing the Hiking Lady’s Backpacking Checklist this week to get all the gear together I’ll need!

Hiking Lady's Checklist
Click to Download Hiking Lady’s Checklist (PDF Format)

Hiking Lady’s Backpacking Checklist

Day 1

  • Depart Ventura on Island Packers boat (cost $79 per person for overnight trips) to Santa Cruz Island. Luckily it is only an hour ride so I shouldn’t get seasick!
  • Set up camp 0.5 miles from the pier at the Santa Cruz Scorpion Ranch campground.
  • Hike to El Montanon, an 8.5 mile round trip hike with 1800 feet of elevation gain. The views are apparently amazing and on a clear day all 6 islands in the Santa Barbara chain of Channel Islands will be visible, as well as the coastline of Southern California all the way from Point Conception to Palos Verdes!
  • Enjoy night one at the Scorpion Ranch campground. I’m packing Mountain House Rice & Chicken for dinner!
Santa Cruz hikes from Scorpion Beach, NPS
Santa Cruz hikes from Scorpion Beach, NPS

Day 2

CLIF Bar Nuts & Seeds new flavor

  • Wake up and have breakfast at Scorpion Ranch campground. Pack snacks (including the new CLIF Bar Nuts & Seeds flavor!) for the hike to Potato Harbor. Hike for 4.8 miles, round trip.
  • Return from Potato Harbor hike and take down camp and head back for the boat departure back to Ventura.

Do you have a hike planned soon? Have you been to Santa Cruz Island? Share your tips!

Happy trails!


  1. Hiking Lady says:

    Thanks Randy! Enjoy your shorter hikes. There is a lot to enjoy about taking it slow and enjoying anything outdoors…whether it is a 1 mile hike or 10 mile hike!

  2. Randy says:

    Thanks for sharing this; I wish my feet would allow me such long hikes. About 4 miles is all I can do with size 7 EE, metatarsalgia and arthritis. Enjoy your good health and have a safe, fabulous trek.

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