Is Greg Mortenson a Fraud?

Three Cups of Tea One of the most inspiring books I’ve read in the last few years is Greg Mortenson’s best seller, Three Cups of Tea. (See the Hiking Lady Book Review of Three Cups of Tea)

Tonight on 60 Minutes they did a story on how Greg Mortsenson, the now famous mountain climber turned humanitarian, potentially extremely exaggerated or even completely made up some of the stories in his book! There are now questions as to whether he is abusing the charitable organization which he runs, The Central Asia Institute.

Do you think he’s a fraud? Is Greg Mortenson exaggerating stories for personal profit from the sale of his book? Is someone out to defame Greg, or does he deserve this?

I certainly don’t know the answers, but I hope that Greg really is a good guy! I’ll be so disappointed if these accusations are true!


  1. Donna says:

    I also read the book and thought how wonderful he was giving so much back to society. If this is true it will be terribly disappointing.

  2. Susan says:

    I saw the 60 Minute report as well and I find it sad that people who have in fact done nice things (great things if compared to the small things I’ve done in my life) feel the need to exaggerate their accomplishments. I think may people start out with good intentions and pure motives, and then get caught up when the focus shifts from the action to the person.

  3. Rich Co says:

    The numbers and the lies speak for themselves. While he may have done some good, it does not excuse his bad behavior and dishonesty. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book and has been pulled from the throne, from the pulpit and from the medicine wagon (to name but a few)for eons–throw down a few bones to the peasants while speaking in high tones then help yourself while the suckers look the other way!
    If he was really forthright he would have immediately defended himself to 60 Minutes with facts, figures and documentation. Instead he ran away….

  4. Hiking Lady says:

    I totally agree, Sharon! I was so moved by the book! And so shocked and disappointed to watch the 60 Minutes report 🙁

  5. Sharon Dietrich says:

    I certainly hope it’s not true that he told lies and exaggerations in his book. I was very moved by the book, although I thought the author a little far from the average in his lifestyle. There seems no honesty in the world.

  6. jo river says:

    Are you kidding me? The guy has a dark side too….playing fast an loose with the$$$ for schools….this is typical of other charity stories where the people involved loot the kitty to live the good life…from dirt bag climber to dirt bag egotist…

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