How to Haul Lots of Gear!

Hauling some gear in my North Face Base Camp duffel
Hauling some gear in my North Face Base Camp duffel

Every time I use my North Face Base Camp Duffel to pack gear along on hiking, camping, and other adventures, friends and fellow hikers always ask about it. I can be carried like a duffel or else worn as a backpack. It won’t be as comfortable as a backpacking pack, but it is a great way to haul lots of gear.

The duffel is such a heavy duty bag that it holds up to the elements, and Hiking Lady abuse on rough rocks, dirt, mud, and more.

This duffel is great for getting gear from home to a campsite, for regular travel, weekends away, or a trek to Everest Base Camp. There are built in shoulder straps, a durable nylon bottom, fully waterproof exterior, and high quality zippers.

The only drawbacks I’ve found are the price (but it is commensurate with the quality at least!) and the weight. It is great for hauling gear between your car and a campsite, but I am glad I’m not a sherpa lugging these bags up to Everest Base Camp!


  1. Trekker says:

    The shoulder straps are great, especially when you want to lug the bag around at an airport. I think I originally bought the largest size (I have a problem packing light), but discovered if I filled it, there was no way I would be able to carry that much weight! So I downsized ๐Ÿ™‚

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