Hiking Humor: On the Trail


And now “unemployed” has entered the mix!

Special thanks to the very talented and creative hiker, Geolyn “Boots” Carvin, for letting me share her hilarious cartoons. Her website, On the Trail with Boots McFarland, has many more funny cartoons about the trail adventures of the female hiker, Boots. Boots is based on Geolyn’s years of hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

If you like her cartoons as much as I do you can get them printed on t-shirts!


  1. Activechic says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! Love love your site!! My boyfriend’s last name is “McFarland!” Can’t wait to share this with him!!! Hiking definitely is a way to escape from city life, relax, and have fun! 🙂

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    I find hiking to be one of the most relaxing activities I do! It is such a wonderful opportunity to get outside, enjoy fresh air, be in nature, and go adventuring! Happy trails!

  3. Oh, come on! Going hiking doesn’t mean that people don’t have anything productive to do anymore. It can actually be a way of getting away from the stressful city life, soul-searching and really exploring the beauty of nature. A person can learn a lot during hiking and there will always be discoveries about oneself during and after it. I wish I could get off work to go hiking. LOL.

  4. Hiking Lady says:

    Thanks, Andra! No thankfully not me, but I was referring to lots of friends who have lots of time to hike because they’re out of work! There was an article a few months ago in the Wall Street Journal talking about how there are record numbers of unemployed doing thru hikes and section hikes now that they have the time to do so. Happy new year!

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