Injinji Sock Liners Updated!

At the Summer 2010 Outdoor Retailer show last week, I got to see the brand new version of the Injinji Liner socks!
Injinji Toe Socks
The best way I have found to prevent blisters when hiking or trail running is to wear a toe sock liner underneath a bulkier hiking sock. I’ve been using Injinji toe socks for a couple of years now and swear by ’em!

Old Injinji Liner sock (left); new Injinji liner sock (right)
Old Injinji Liner sock (left); new Injinji liner sock (right)

The new toe sock liners are available in gray and black. The white liner socks have been discontinued – apparently people didn’t like when their white liner socks got a little dirty looking after heavy wear… That never bothered me, but the gray socks will definitely give the appearance that they are newer!

The new Injinji toe socks feel softer than the original Injinji toe socks because they are constructed of more CoolMax and less nylon than the previous version, and they have all the same benefits:

  • Anatomical 5 toe design
  • Moisture wicking
  • Dual welt band to help prevent the sock from sliding down into your shoes


  • Small = Men’s 5-7.5 / Women’s 6-8.5
  • Medium = Men’s 8-10.5 /Women’s 9-11.5
  • Large = Men’s 11-13 / Women’s 12+

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