Summit Stones on Hiking Lady’s Adventures

Summit Stone placed near an undisclosed peak in Southern California - will you find it?
Summit Stone placed near an undisclosed peak in Southern California - will you find it?

There is a wonderful blog called Summit Stones & Adventure Musings, with stories and inspiration from a writer and artist named DSD.

DSD has created numerous summit stones – hand painted treasures of inspiring outdoor landscapes on stones that have been collected through the years.

Hiking Lady has joined along in the project to help spread some of these Summit Stones, and I’ll be carefully placing them in summit register boxes on my many hiking adventures.

I hope that you have the opportunity to find one, and let it be an inspiration to you and other hikers. Along with the beautifully painted stones are small little books of motivational and enlightening quotes from many of the world’s greatest thinkers, climbers, hikers, and poets. Perhaps you will find one as you reach a mountain summit that I have climbed!

Summit Stone

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Happy trails!


  1. DSD says:

    Hello Hiking Lady & Andra,
    You are both right as the Rockies have been a part of my wanderings for many years now.
    My appreciation for becoming part of the karma of this all as it is just about that and the smiles, the discovery, the wonders of adventure, and maybe raising a bit of awareness along the way…
    Have great fun and happy summits and trails,

  2. Hiking Lady says:

    I bet there are some summit stones to be found in the Canadian Rockies! 🙂 DSD lives in Canada, so I think there is a very high chance there are many beautiful stones to be found in the Rockies. Hope you find one Andra!

  3. Andra says:

    What a wonderful gesture! I wonder if DSD has ever hiked the Canadian Rockies and placed a “summit stone” there, somewhere! Or maybe you will one day!

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