Helmet cams – how to capture all the action!

Do you like adrenaline rush films – extreme hiking, mountaineering, skiing? Want to know how the athletes and photographers at the Banff Film Festival capture their great footage? The answer is a simple helmet cam.

In the past, capturing video footage was extremely challenging. I read David Breashears book High Exposure, where he discussed many of the challenges of filming the IMAX movie Everest in the mid 1990s.

Since then, the technology has far improved – helmet cams are now affordable, and digital photography is easy to edit and share.

Here’s some footage of young guys showing off their ski moves using a Go Pro HD helmet cam. Pretty cool!

So next time you’re skydiving, mountain biking, climbing a mountain, or just want to capture some cool footage, bring along a helmet cam so you can re-live all the action again and again!

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